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  1. Thanks that's all more clear now! my confusion on the 4 question was indeed about condition/abilities
  2. Hello i'm new in the Forum so i hope i'm in the right place for the question I've a few questions and it would be great if some of you could answer to them: 1) Can a model decide to avoid spending Ap and just "skip" his turn? (i know he can't take it back later on but could he just pass in order to prevent zoraida from drawing cards due to bewitch? 2) Can a model hit himself with an Mi action? i know all models have LoS on themselves but can they actually punch their own face (fight club style)? This would be useful for obey's purpouse 3)I'm a bit confused upon Hazardous terrain when do i have to flip for the damage? Let's make an example: my opponent has jaakuta Ubume which get in range to a model of mine, in that moment do i have to flip for damage? if she lure another model in, or i Wk/Cg toward her it'll have to make the flip? 4) Do all ability Stack? When/When not? Disturbing whisper, Misery ... they all stack? Wouldn't it be a bit too strong? I hope it's all clear my English is not the best, thanks all malifolks!
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