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  1. Aleksey

    April demos at Orsk, Russia, D21 club

    Up! Still Alive
  2. Ahoy there, our task is to bring you some fun! so come to D21 club at march 31, and take a part in a Henchman Harcore tournament;) we'll start 12.00, at Club "D21", Russia, Orsk, Ulica Leninskogo Komsomola 21A
  3. Aleksey

    [D21, Orsk, Russia] First TTB session

    At last we've got a fatemaster here;) so lets get into The Obsidian Gate campain! Everyone involved! Anyone may participate! we'll be waiting you saturday evening (18.00), march 24, at D21 club, Orsk Russia. find us at: ulica Leninskogo Komsomola, 21A
  4. Just wondering: Does it stacks with Barkeeper never sleeps Alcohol poisoning ability?
  5. Shut up and take my money!!! (C) futurama
  6. Aleksey

    Monday Preview - Whiskey Gamin

    Oh my god! It's an EPIC WIN! yes! That's the guys i need in my drunken crew;) wrap me a double!
  7. Aleksey


    So, i whant to create the crew from: Pigapult, stuffed piglets, taxidermist and ... and i'm stuck... would it be good idea to take sommer or, maybe ulix, or even mah? Ho would drive the pigapult madness better?
  8. Let me spread the word! And the word be of runing a League for about next 4 weeks! take a time to think about your participation, still we're waiting for you to come since the START of Event at march, 3rd, 12.00;) remember to look for the entrance by: Ulica Leninskogo Komsomola 21A and don't forget to bring some friends;) Contacts: https://vk.com/rpg56
  9. Aleksey

    April demos at Orsk, Russia, D21 club

  10. Aleksey

    Facing Hoffman

    Brewmaster is a good thing in our meta;) just win the initiative and swill all your shinobies;) they'll do the work;) and yep, it's still a chance of failing a flip with a Black joker, so there's Wesley with Brewies Binge and a bad mask on hand;) it's a pretty killie crew))) as for Fingers there's much more fun with a Big B's Aura (using b5 ups)... just don't give Hoff a chance to do his usual stuff!
  11. Aleksey

    Monday Preview - Wanyudo

    Wrap me a set;) it's gonna be awesome piece of awesomeness!
  12. Aleksey

    Need Advice: Mad Brewee Grow Up madness

    Binge is an alternate Obey for your models;) it's a good way to utilize bad cards from hand, and it may be used to same model after atack made... but it cost an upgrade slot, so if you're going to use Pigcharge (like with Warpig in my case) it's not so bad to take it, but otherwise it's not so good idea...
  13. Hello and wellcome to our warm lampy community! we'll glad to see you at our first legal tournament at D21 public club February 25, at 12.00 let it be 35 SS, MASTER BOX plus MIDDLESIZED BOX, by GG 18 see more and register at: https://vk.com/rpg56
  14. Aleksey

    April demos at Orsk, Russia, D21 club

    Ahoy there,Look at my hands, there's a deck of cards. if you'll make a flip some magic will occure! See that minis? Look they're moving through the table! What is it? It's a brawl! A skirmish battle between different fractions.. wanna know more? Come to us every saturday at 12.00;) we'll tell you a story and give you a chance to learn of how to play Malifaux!Location:Club "D21", Russia, Orsk, Ulica Leninskogo Komsomola 21ADate & Time:Each Saturday 12:00Contacts: https://vk.com/rpg56
  15. Aleksey

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    Hmmmm... do I want it, or want it very much?... of course i want it very much!