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  1. Yes. I find it just as easy to make sure.
  2. Hi all. If I had a model, that have Sniper rule, can I when declare action lower Focus by 1 to receive and one more lower Focus by 1 to increase range +10"? Wording of Sniper rule: And Focused
  3. Hi all. Does Evasive rule prevent damage, that model must suffer, if fail duel, that generates by pulses, Shockwave's and other effects? Wording of evasive rule: Evasive: Reduce all damage this model suffers from Shockwave, , effect to 0
  4. Atinrik


    Yes, I know it. In my roster I had Ramos, but it can be any summoner
  5. Atinrik


    In this sunday I use Arachnid with Mey. In this game I attached to them dynamit from Sparks. This was pretty cool game. They ran to the opponent crew and wait when opponent kill themself against arachnid
  6. Hi, wyrdos. We invite you to take part in the Through the Breach One Shot - Til Death Do Us Part game Start 05\11\2019 Location: Ukraine, Kherson, "Citadel" club (Maharadze 11-a) For more information contact with me here, or at e-mail: atinrik@hotmail.com
  7. I can not agree, because if my blast is first, I can put it where I want to protect my models from damage, or even put it on a model that actually caused damage, but if my blast is the last, the options are limited
  8. Hi. I had a question about this upgrade. If model suffer damage with multiple , in what order will the lay?
  9. I have one more question with this trigger. As I understend models, that would be activated by this trigger cannot declare trigger, isn`t it? From rulebook
  10. No, Rider target frendly model in
  11. Hi everion. Perhaps this question has already been analyzed here. I have a question about the Rider`s tactical action Revel in Creation and trigger on it: If I activate the rider at the start of the turn, and declare this trigger, will the models activated by the Rider be considered activated this turn? Or they can be activated after as usual?
  12. Hi. I'm happy to invite you in Citadel club (Kherson, Maharadze 11-a) on Malifaux 3E demos. We are waiting for you every Sunday from 11 to 19. At us you will find a friendly atmosphere, good terrain, beautiful miniatures. You can contact with me here or via E-mail: atinrik@hotmail.com
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