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  1. I bought into the explorers society recently, Getting both McCabe and Basse, and was wondering if anyone had much fun or success playing them in explorers. Both have extremely limited models right now, and practically no overlap. I was thinking a double master mobility type list but has anyone done something different?
  2. Swung by my FLGS today. Got yasouo, samurai, dawn serpent, minako rei box, Neil Henry, and thunder archers. It looks like Lynch is going on the back burner for a while yet
  3. I’ve got some time on my hands and am looking to bring my 2e thunders crews, Misaki, Lynch, and Mei Feng, into 3e. The problem is I always played them in their other faction, so I don’t really have the pieces I need to run them as TT. I’ve been building them out a bit, but the only one I would really feel comfortable running right now is Misaki, and that is a close thing. I have: Misaki core box Yamaziko old Lynch box mei feng box willie Metal golem Thunders Brothers fuhatsu Lust The priority is to get Lynch useable, but what would I ne
  4. My usual list for the beast bomb is Tara with obliteration symbiote and knowledge of eternity, NB with void shield, and sue. The rest depends on schemes and strats. First activation is Tara using Eternal Moment, pinging the nothing beast with knowledge of eternity and burying it, cheating a low card if needed to fail the will power duel, then walking forward twice. Last activation is Tara again, walking towards her target then hopefully pulling NB up in a hard targets face. Chain activate into NB where you focus swing/focus swing because at that point he has 4 AP between casting expert and fas
  5. So I was going over my model collection and realized that I have as many TT masters as any of my other factions, but none of the smaller boxes. I have Misaki, Lynch, and am getting Mei. The question is how would I expand in a way that is complementary to what I have. Yasonori seems like a like a solid choice for any of them, but what about outside that?
  6. I play both Misaki and Tara pretty extensively, and here is my take. I play both in a very murder heavy way, but I think Tara has more options. Misaki is a very straight forward master to play, basically sending both her and Ototo down the board and watch the other crew crumble as your torakage score schemes. I play Tara similar with a heavy emphasis on the beast bomb because I think it's really fun. In the end it really comes down to how you want to play. Misaki is a cruse missle that you send down the board and is very active, while Tara serves more as a support master, getting more out of p
  7. Another minor point is that for the beast bomb to be effective you really do have to manage your activations and hand heavily, allocating cards and ap well in advance for it to work, but for me it has always been worth it. 2 of Tara's 6 ap, maybe a stone, a 7, and a throw away card to move NB 16" to 28" and get a focused attack. Also the NB buried is almost as large of a threat off the board as it is on. The implied threat that if you kill my model a fast monster of pain will eat your face indirectly makes scheme runners, especially wretches, more durable because of the effort/payoff of using
  8. Personally I've had a lot of success with the NB bomb. Bury NB first thing with Tara, unbury him last in the turn. This results in either a turn 1 charge with a focused attack on the tail end or two focused attacks. Admittedly it does take some setup and and planning to keep your other models alive, but most of the players in my local group don't use much in the way of alpha strikes, but being able to yank a key model off the field turn 1has always seemed worth a little hassle to me. My order of operation is active Tara first, eternal moment, glimpse the void on the NB, yield on the attack an
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