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  1. Thank you for the reply. ill go ahead and do it and just ask before said event starts and if they don't like it ill just switch it out.
  2. I want to base my bandersnatch as if it was bursting up through the floor boards on its base so most of the model will be cut away. only about 3/4 of the thorax and forward will be used. Also the miner will not be used. Would it still be tournament legal and in wryd sanctioned stuff?
  3. Thank you for the recommendations. they where out of alot of the stuff i wanted to get but ended up being able to get widow weaver, insidious madness, bandersnatch and lelu & lilitu. the rest i will just have to order online. again thank you
  4. Hey, hows it going? I am brand new to malifaux. So much so that i have yet to play my first game. I have settled on playing the dreamer. And have picked up his crew box. The closest store to me that carries more then one or two crew boxs is a 2 hour drive each way. But i am making the drive this weekend to pick up at least the rule book and a fate deck. But to make my drive worth it i wanna pick up a bunch of the stuff i would use in both summoning and beats dreamer lists. I know i wanna pick up. INSIDIOUS MADNESSES, STITCHED TOGETHER, LELU & LILITU, DOPPLEGANGER, TEDDY, WILL O' THE WISPS, BANDERSNATCH. Is there anything else i should look at getting. Also is what i listed ok? Thanks for your help.
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