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  1. Joeguardsman

    Feign Weakness Summon Interact

    Thanks. I did almost forget the slow but my opponent reminded me.
  2. Joeguardsman

    Feign Weakness Summon Interact

    I'd like to be sure that a model summoned by Feign Weakness is able to interact on the following turn. Being summoned in the End Phase a new turn will then begin and technically ending the turn where the Oni was summoned.
  3. Joeguardsman

    Yokai Zero and Headhunter

    I'd just like to confirm that I'm using the timing correctly on the Yokai Zero action in relation to the place and interact action. I recently in a single activation killed a Terror Tot with a charge, then placed the head, used the zero action, reduced Flicker, placed due to the reduction and then used interact action to pick up the head. I've been enjoying hiring in Yokai but definitely need to make sure that I'm doing things correctly.
  4. Joeguardsman

    Focus With Simple Duel

    Thanks a ton guys. I got confused with something I heard from some one. I'm finding a few spots in Ten Thunders where I can give focus for something else to not force me to cheat. I've been running out of cards to get consistent Taste of Life actions from Amanjaku and Oni's Strength was looking good to guarantee it.
  5. Joeguardsman

    Focus With Simple Duel

    Hello, New to the game and looking for some help. Can you use focus to increase you Fate Modifier for Tactical Actions? Be they casts, summons or non-damage attacks on friendly models? The wording only says Action with no seeming stipulation beyond that. Thanks in advance. Page numbers to help would be appreciated.