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  1. I second people asking about information on new boxes. Like are they going to be coming with new sculpts for old models (like the new Reva sculpt) and also new boxes for new models (like Dashel and Lucius getting separate boxes).
  2. That's super important, I can't believe I missed it. That's really cool. I'd like to make a note here that wyrd doesn't do everything right, there are plenty of models that are too sexualized (Ronin and Viks I'm looking at you) but they are still miles ahead of most other miniatures games and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate that. Steam powered scoundrels did a good podcast about sexism in malifaux and I think its worth a listen: https://steampoweredscoundrels.podbean.com/e/friday-night-faux-down-10202017/
  3. The full crew. Notice the additional female marionette, the marionette holding his head, and the broken marionette on colodi's base. Please ignore the paint job it was the first crew I ever painted. DM me if you're interested.
  4. I have a (really poorly) painted collodi set with some changes. It has 2 extra marionettes, although one of them is broken. It also has a marionette juggling its head, although it is a repeat head. The set also comes with all the cards. I would trade this for a box set (really any of the master specific ones) or sell it for $35. I live in Massachusetts if that changes anything. I'll post pictures soon.
  5. I'd like to take some time to highlight one of my favorite parts of malifaux, its diversity. I think that the design decisions at Wyrd are being made (at least on some level) with diversity in mind and it has not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I thought I'd take some time to break down how Wyrd includes diversity and why I am glad its an aspect of the game. 1. Named Characters Perhaps most importantly, Malifaux has a cast of diverse characters, from male and female masters to many non-white characters. Many games hardly have any named female characters, and its refreshing to have so many, especially characters that are fully developed and aren't just token characters. 2. The generics This is my favorite level of diversity, maybe because so many games neglect it. Its one thing to include some named female characters, but its another to continue to show women through out the game's sculpts. Generic models, such as gravediggers, guild guard, or union steamfitter which are not important characters still have female and male sculpts. Wyrd could have easily gotten away with sculpting these generic models as male, but they chose otherwise and it shows. 3. The fluff This commitment to diversity shows in the game's sculpt and art, and amazingly enough it carries over into the stories as well. When I'm reading stories and I find out that a side character, who could have been male, was written in as female, it makes smile. Its a small thing but I think it goes a long way. Closing: I'm simply appreciating the fact that like in real life, women pop up about just as much as men in malifaux and not every person is white. Its one of the reasons I first started playing, I was drawn to the aesthetic and saw a diverse and fun game and decided to try it out. I am not trying to start a political discussion or a war of ideals, I'm simply appreciating wyrd's design choices. Thank You
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