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  1. Well, compared to M2E, Bad Juju is a lot of fun. Big Boi that hits hard and stays hard.
  2. I have a friend that plays Rasputina a lot. Stealthy Silurids should be a lot of fun in that case.
  3. There's a sidebar that deals with this in the rule book.
  4. Will'o'wisps are amazing, escpecially for Zoraida but in general as well. Pick 'em up when you can!
  5. In a Titania crew, how so? What guarantees the trigger?
  6. Thanks, that stuff is hard to find out unless someone tells you. It sure seemed like "only once per turn" meant just that, instead of "This model my only perform it once per turn".
  7. Doesn't "Changing Form" have the restriction "only once per turn", though?
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