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  1. After closer investigation we have found the answer to the question Thought this was absurd and it was. for anyone else looking or curious it is Beta rules page 11 last paragraph in “after succeeding”
  2. Hello all! I had my first game of M3E Beta today. All in all we had a blast. A question came up regarding triggers and their application. We were particularly interested in “quick reflexes”. In one action my buddy was able (due to lucky flips and cheating) to get nearly 7 shots off a single action. Is this possible? Can free attacks generated off of triggers generate more free attacks by triggering the same trigger? we skimmed the rules and didn’t see anything to the contrary. I am hoping there is a limit because an experience like this could put people off the game. I know this is improbable but I’m proof tonight that it can happen. thanks and sorry if this question A: doesn’t belong here and... B: has already been asked
  3. Ghoul

    Seafood Diet

    Good stuff! Makes sense as Storm sirens gloried lure (can’t remember actual name) and the dangerous tide pools are too legit not to have early. How are you all protecting stormy from Margaret belle? I feel like the horde really struggles with her as our lack of shooting with current releases is atrocious. any tips and tricks to prevent death via rapier wit?
  4. Very important to remember! I made this mistake when I first started. I knew it felt too good to be true even when I was losing. Haha on another note, anyone else buy heavy rains turn 1? I have in the last few games and have not regretted it.
  5. Ghoul

    Seafood Diet

    This is true we do just keep coming at em’.
  6. Sadly models that are summoned are unable to claim objectives that turn just like @cbtb11235813 said. I know it’s not tactics persay but something else for newer players to remember: Summoned models come back flipped from glory (much to my dismay)per summoning rules. Just thought I’d throw this out there as it was something I overlooked at first.
  7. Ghoul

    Seafood Diet

    advance, eat, repeat. That is what I’ve been trying to do. I Played 2 games back to back against 2 different KE players. The damage was brutal to say the least. (Especially the South Wales guys). My only salvation that particular game was oddly enough that they were too good at killing my things. We were playing set traps,so I was able to come back with skulkers in his backfield and start placing next turn. I know there is already another thread about this but the damage these factions put out is gnarly.(seemingly when compared to ours). My karkanoi connected infiltrators turn 1 and they lived for all 5 rounds as well. Maybe I just flip cards like burnt pancakes but I could not kill the buggers
  8. When I see food I eat it. All joking aside, I am now a few games in with the hordes. I’ve only played 1 commander (siren) and the starter set with a few assets to taste for 25 script games. After playing I was left wondering, “Am I devouring enough?” my question to my fellow Sea Kings is this... How aggressively are you snacking? should I for example, activate karkanoi with focused effort. Eat a fire team, go to glory spawn egg with next one, regenerating segments last one? Of course take the reinforcement token from focused effort. This obviously requires flipping right cards but could be quite good. or is it better to bide my time on egg clutches? Furthermore in the case of clutches, would it be viable to bring a few tasty eggs to the party on army construction? Bring it back next turn anywhere with one tactics token? Please feel free to share your devouring strategies
  9. I am definitely curious as well. Furthermore, (thread hijacking not intended) are there certain faction matchups for single commander where one is preferred over another?
  10. The lampad shenanigans seem quite fun! I’ll have too look into them more Forsure. Would a dead doxy be worth it in a Reva crew as well? Seems like the push/pull thing would be good for her. @Adran I think the fees were more nasty because he made me discard cards repetitively. Granted I’m way out of practice so In hindsight I could have just avoided it if I remembered how it worked. Lol. I also had 0 condition removal. in regard to the poison synergy I was thinking about how you can poison mcmourning send him down the field with pushes and fly him in like a cruise missile from an unexpected angle. I know that there are a fair share of keyword synergies I need to explore on another note did manage to get a good game in last night with Seamus. Tried out “ do you know who I am” with the -2 wp upgrade and decaying aura. Went master hunting. Seamus scored me 6 points off of undercover entourage and eliminate the leadership. It was a super bloody game. Tried Asura out and a kentauri, he felt really strong and great for dragging Seamus around. his large base making him easy to hide behind. Not sure what upgrade to take on Asura.
  11. Wow thanks a lot for the replies! I would like to know a little bit more about what you were speaking about @Sagrit sounds like kentaori and rotten is where it is at. Out of curiosity how were you able to dish out 17 burning??? I remember playing with kaeris a little bit back when she first got promoted and I loved the mechanic. as far as specific masters i still love Doug and Reva seems to be quite powerful upon closer inspection. I own her and painted her up a while back. I’ve also read speaking of beasts that the Scorpius performs quite well with mcmourning. how do I go about getting more bang out of these guys? also I’ve read about bone piles a little bit. Seem like they would be impressive scheme runners, as are crooligans and punks. Is there a proper way to choose the right one (like scheme runner flow chart lol)? thanks!
  12. Hello all😁! I am a returning Rezzer player and I need a pick me up. i started playing Rezzers in 1st edition and have been playing them primarily since with a fair smattering of breaks here and there. I fell off right around book 4. I did pick up most of the models however. Book 5 on the other hand has (although owned) remained mostly unopened. Upon recently getting stuck in again (played 2 games yesterday) i am realizing that I can’t seem to recall much of the synergies of the faction. i played against guild who threw fees out left and right. And then a neverborn list completely themed around collodi’s synergy’s. so I guess really... TLDR: what cool gimmicks do rezzers have these days outside of poison? What cool combos do we have? Not looking for “gotcha” moments on my opponents. I just want to know what to throw on the table outside of book 1 staples. sorry for the long winded post I just want to love my dead again before I Think about starting another hobby project. Thanks and Happy Haunting!
  13. Ghoul

    The Big 3?

    What does candy bring to a dreamer crew? I'll have to dig my books out. I've just spent the day finishing up building the queens return box and some wisps. colodi got here today too! Super excite!
  14. This! I main rezzers and my buddy does neverborn. he runs Dora with lust and let me just say that is annoying. I gave her negative to ca/wp duels with gnawing fear and then hit her with hanged. Super funny to watch Dora get paralyzed. Sadly iggy was still a thing and set everyone on fire. We were playing extraction. But Seamus was able to run leave your mark all on his own and eventually kill lust and Dora. I play against pandora the same way I play against shooty guild and that is hand management. Start taking note of the duels you can afford to lose and really think about the ones you can't. "Maybe my henchmen can take the damage from Dora so I'll save the 13 for casting gnawing fears".I have also used the red joker way more defensively against this kind of crew. Knowing pandora can push out. Just ignore her. I would also say you're opponents need to look at the pieces that make your crew work. Iggy's incite doesn't seem strong but in concert with your crew within 6inches of your dudes it can do 3 damage as a 0 action (1 from Dora 2 from your sorrows) then force them to activate for fgf damage. Sometimes you just need to walk opposing players through how things work, or will work especially in friendly games. I know I had to do this a lot with Hamelin.lol hope this helps
  15. Ghoul

    The Big 3?

    I like the idea of pandora with the Knights that seem legit. Man this game is so cool! I actually look forward to investing in and playing with all these ideas. One thing though that I've been wondering about is in regard to collodi crew. How does he run schemes? Or do you just choose ones that are more his speed? in which case does he just bunrakus and beconers to pull enemy scheme runners into his bubble?
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