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  1. Hello, I won last tournament in Poland playing list below: New Mei Feng Crew (Ten Thunders) Size: 50 - Pool: 6 Leader: Mei Feng Totem(s): Forgeling Hires: Neil Henry Silent Protector Kang Sparks LeBlanc Mechanized Porkchop Metal Gamin Rail Worker References: Bombs In Yer Belly In last game i was playing against Hoffman so i changed Kang for samurai because of ignoring armor, Foundry models are very mobile so i don't play much versatile or out of keyword models in mei because they are to slow for the crew, or if you really want to pl
  2. Sensei yu was very good before because you could attack shenlong with peasants and low river monk to give him a lot o chi and distracted for "+" from fermented river style on second turn. Now from keyword i only take 1x low river monk for cheap heal and 1x wandering river monk for schemes, sometimes charm warder when i see keyword with options for summoning and/or demise. Rest are beaters like Fuhatsu, Lone swordsman, Samurai etc.
  3. So it's mean that i can even drop scheme marker under enemy model base?
  4. Hello everyone, Can I use interact action to create scheme marker under my model base? In rulebook i only find this exceptions in create and drop section: Created Markers can overlap non-Impassable terrain, but they cannot overlap other Markers. • Created Markers cannot be put into base contact with any models except for the model creating them. Impassable Markers cannot be Created in such a way that their base overlaps the base of the model creating them.
  5. I was thinking about playing Sun Quiang with her, he can heal and help youko or tannen survive with his place, he also can give more distracted condition to your enemies with excelent triggers (duality can force enemy to discard and you can then discard/draw or hole in the world to more positioning)
  6. Bondu


    Is this really working this way? In aura section you have: Auras are not cumulative. If a model would be affected by multiple Auras of the same name (i.e., if the Aura would change its game state in some way), then it is only affected by one such Aura of its controller’s choice. Name of the Aura is Mantra so in my opinion you can only use one per concentrate action.
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