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  1. So I'm a fairly new player (about 4 months now) and have almost exclusively played Von Schill crews (picked up Levi recently, am learning him). Anyways, I love Von Schill and how his Freikorps plays, but I feel the black sheep of the family is the Specialist. I find him to slow and unwieldy to prove useful, and at Wk 4, Df 4, he just can't keep up with the rest of my crews. At 8 stones, I'd much rather have Sue (who I feel hits much harder, has greater all around utility - here's looking at you Ring of Fire, Relentless, & Hurt ) or split the cost into a Freikorpsmann and SS for upgrades or in-game usage. Of the Malifaux players I've talked to, the majority have at best neutral feelings about Specialist, with a single player speaking favorably on Specialist. A Collodi playing Neverborn-er, he claimed the Specialist was OP (That's a exact quote), due to his ability to blast and ignore cover, coupled with armor. So I guess my question to you all is this: Have I just been playing Specialist wrong, and if so, how do I properly utilize him? How and when do you use him? Thanks all.
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