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  1. It seems like she'd be good at Ply, where her mobility isn't such of an issue and her ability to hand out slow and paralyzed would be very useful.
  2. I was referring to Collodi's attack, and that a cast 7 is guaranteed under certain (not uncommon) circumstances. Maybe I've lost track of this "thread?"
  3. Barring an enemy red joker, you're guaranteed a success on a wp 5 model with an 11, wp 6 on a 12. You'll probably be cheating for the suit anyway. You have Corphyee too. It's too bad Assassin's gift is a (2), I think Oiran could really benefit from free focus. My experience with this upgrade is the delayed Obey is too situational to be used.
  4. I took another look through her cards tonight. Most of her triggers are designed to do small amounts of damage to multiple targets, which in general is a recipe for disaster. Mei-Feng seems to have a bit of an identity crisis. She doesn't do damage reliably enough to be a beater, and her support abilities are not good enough to be a support master. She kinda does two things sub-optimally, and I think that's a tough problem to engineer with tweaks to her card / upgrades. I think you'd see her more if her attacks ignored armor / damage reduction. That way, the 2 damage she is typically doing is actually 2 damage and spreading that around multiple units becomes a slightly better play. It would also make opponents slightly more afraid of moderate damage coming from her.
  5. I usually take a single performer to help push Colette around. Manipulative can be a card sink for your opponent. They can really benefit from Colette's upgrade to hand out free focus, as their Hairpin attack has a nice severe damage. Mannequins are a bit more niche. If your opponent has a hard time dealing with armor, they can be a real nightmare. Their ability to throw scheme markers was much better in GG 17 when you could throw a scheme marker right into the middle of an enemy crew for Detonate the Charges. Oiran are very expensive and very difficult to use. It can be fun to get unbeknownst off and make it so a single model can't attack anyone in your crew 🤣 Ice Dancers, funny enough, I tend to avoid in Colette crews. I feel as if it's pretty easy to deal out scheme marker's with Colette and I don't need a dedicated scheme runner. She also tends to be too fast for an otherwise pretty static crew.
  6. There are more possible games of chess than there are atoms in the universe. Chess will never be a solved game. Still, expert chess players starting moves are similar, because there are only so many openings in chess which result in a strong position later in the game. Malifaux, and miniature games in general are similar. The opening moves (crew selection, scheme selection) are going to be the similar from game to game. Certain crews and masters are going to give you an advantage. But the decisions that happen after that are far from perfectly known.
  7. I don't think you can get that much poison out of it though. The performers really only become valuable if you can get up to poison 4 or 5.
  8. I see a lot of people take performer's out of faction paying the merc. tax for the "sip of wine" trigger. It works well with poison heavy crews, which Arcanists lack. I don't think this is a particularly good strategy, but I see people do it.
  9. You get a 3" push with prompt as well, so you could potentially push a model 9" before it activates (12" if you have Cas understudy). That feels a bit extreme to me. I'm not sure the prompt nerf hurt Colette so badly as other models being adjusted such that her abilities are no longer cost-effective.
  10. Yeah, that is typically how I play. I agree giving up an 8 is painful, but you need to remember doves get better as the game goes on. I'm not too worried giving up an 8 or a 9 on the first turn especially with AR. Worst case scenario I'm giving up a prompt. Games tend to be a bit slower in wagons anyway, since crews need to do a lot of positioning and pushing early in the game. I wouldn't take them in anything but wagons, where you get two free 3" pushes a turn. They can be a real nightmare for your opponent, with all of the positive flips and defensive tricks. And giving them free focus really helps.
  11. I feel Colette doesn't deserve the garbage designation she's given. She is certainly not optimal, but I find her to be reasonably competitive especially in Wagons where handing out 0 AP is very helpful. I think the key to Colette is building a crew around her that takes advantage of some of her unique abilities: Handing out 0 interact actions for wagons / headhunter Giving glass cannon type models reactivate, where the sacrifice isn't too bad as they will probably die anyway Models that benefit a lot from doves, or using doves to disrupt enemy crews that rely a lot on positioning. Handing out free focus to showgirl minions This is what I normally take: Colette AR, CC, AP Cassandra PP Joss 2 Coryphee Performer. I'd like to try swapping the coryphee for ox mages at some point
  12. Sandeep (duh) Ramos (I like him for killy strats and schemes) Marcus (Good all around Master) Ironsides (Good all around Master) Kaeris (I have more experience with her than Raspy)
  13. I'd say it's on life support. We had a solid group of 4 -6 guys and gals that came out every week, but we've been slowly loosing them: 1 had a kid. 1 went back to school. 2 moved away. It's too bad because after Adepticon I'm really jazzed to play more Malifaux 😢
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