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  1. Haven't read the topic very carefully, but it kinda seems that the US side of the ocean likes this more than the European side. Funny if true. Not really digging somewhat. Won't say it's bad, but this isn't something I would gladly buy.
  2. Dima_v

    Our worst models

    Why haven't anyone mentioned Hans? I've read a lot about how useless he is. Haven't played him much myself, though, he kinda sits in an army box, painted and all...
  3. Dima_v

    March Newsletter

    Oh well, sexist or whatever, female minis are one of the reasons I like Malifaux. Haven't heard any negative thoughts on those from my wife or a girl who regularly plays M2E in our community. Maybe I'm just on the other side of the ocean or something like that, lol
  4. Dima_v

    Freikorps theme

    Schill's new attack. Armor +2 Makes it OK for Lazarus. He can also heal himself.
  5. Dima_v

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    Paper puppets might make Collodi happy
  6. Dima_v

    Parker playable?

    On the six shooters. No + for debuffs, unfortunately
  7. Dima_v

    SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    or a legal proxy, like tortoise and the hare we'll have to wait and see I guess Oh well, those are not alts though, Mason wrote in another topic.
  8. Dima_v

    Gaining Grounds 2018

    If you're serious, score 1 victory point. If you're not, score D3 victory points instead.
  9. Dima_v

    January 2018 Errata

    Sounds pretty good all in all. @Aaron could you please confirm is this is the way the errata would be handled for now, or should we expect any kind of rules rehaul? July will be a short one again, correct?
  10. Dima_v

    A sneak peak to errata

    Well,aionus is still 12 and wokou raider 8 stones Other than that i like the changes I hope it's gonna be released "officially" soone enough
  11. Double that, would be awesome
  12. Dima_v

    Wyrd Chronicles 33

    Previous chronicles, maybe. It was also published as a separate story somewhere in the news section on the website
  13. Dima_v

    Wyrd Chronicles 33

    Exactly!! I didn't think this is how all the "one will weaken and one will perish" thingy works. Great read!
  14. Dima_v

    Flieger`s Arcanists

    Thanks for the answer! Well, will have to look for those colors, I only have dark grey and medium sea grey
  15. Dima_v


    Alt Von Schill sounds fun Alt Killjoy is good too, the original model is not for me at all. Though it doesn't that important if Carver is a legal proxy.