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  1. Klat

    Colette Card

    yeah, but giving that to summon a dove costs a soulstone (or MechRider) and the doves only refund it, so it doesn't work if you don't have any, the opponent can force you to spend them by killing doves. Also, as the doves can't chain activations, the opponent can kill them beffore Colette activates. So in the end, I think that as the oponnent can deal with it, shouldn'be that much of a problem, but... maybe it can become a problem that many soulstones + essence of power. Also, while I like the Dove's buff, they are still completely useless if Colette dies.
  2. I think she would still be useful as second master, but as leader... unless the opponent doesn't know her, she is screwed.
  3. Well, I played some games with Colette already, started losing 2 times (Collodi both) but then i won 3 (Pandora, Sonnia and Viks). Its difficult to play, but I like her, and forced me to learn to play schemes (against the Viks at the end of the second turn i had only Colette and Cassandra alive, but I won 9-3), I'm happy of starting with her. But Rasputina is coming soon, I already have the Acolytes, Silent Ones and Snowstorm (found a great deal), so I guess I'll pick her next.
  4. Ok, i saw that in the rules, but the (1) that i hadn't seen in any other trigger disconcerted me.
  5. Thanks for the advice, I think i will start with Colette, in fact i liked some crews posted by Boomstick and Mrbedlam in the sticky. One thing, when Cassandra triggers Magician's Prop, the Understudy action costs AP?
  6. I don't dislike summoning, in fact initially i considered starting with sandeep, but i discarded it because i thinked that without a variety of gamins he wont have his potential. In Ramos is more of a problem of the summons, i'm not particularly fond of mechanical spiders, and Howard is the only arcanist model that i dislike.
  7. I know that Ramos is the best way to start Arcanist, but even if i don't dislike any of the arcanist masters, just those 2 are the ones that i like the least xD. In my group i have certain reputation in games of being a coward hard to kill while concentrating in victory conditions instead of attacking my enemy. When i saw "Now you se me..." i thought: if i play this they are going to hate me.
  8. A group of friends were going to start paying Malifaux, we are going to start playing at 35ss, simply with a crew box. I have already decided to play with Arcanists, but for my initial crew i'm in between Rasputina and Colette. With Rasputina I like the concept of Ice Mirror, and I think will be easy to grasp, on the other hand I think that Colette will be much harder to gras, but feel more fun and rewarding when archieved. Also, I don't know how good are their crews right of the box. The last thing, as far as I know, both of them benefits mostly of the same models (Acolytes, Silent Ones, Ice Dancers...), so, will be easy to transition to the other as second master?
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