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  1. green-n-dumb

    Creature Feature Begins

    If pig has a rider - it can participate?
  2. green-n-dumb

    Ours and Gremlins

    Brewmaster with couple of Tanuki? Here was the topic about "dirty" combo "Tanukipult":
  3. green-n-dumb

    Ulix june errata??? (Husbandry + wild boars)

    I'm hoping some day Ulix can become more summone-styled like other summoners. Look at resurectionists summoners - they can summon HUUUUGE model list. Why Ulix cant summon more models? Example: Wild boars - its strange that these guys aren't on board yet. Bayou gators - there are thouthands of crocodile farms around the world, why cant alpha-male Ulix make his own farm? Roosters - they can have second life, ostrich farms are too all around the globe, why cant Ulix become a little more businessman and summon that huge nice Rooster which were killed by one of eratas? 50mm pigs - they can be summoned like Teddy or Ice Golem - you need 12-13 masks, it happens not often, but you can summon Gracie, Sow, Mechporkchop. Some upgrades manipulations like attaching Saddle/One Pig against the world on summoned pigs. Ulix for me looking like pure summoner and im a little bit confused why Wyrd dont move him in this way. We have Ramos, Kirai, Hamelin, Nicodem and they can summon half of the fraction and everything working fine. Im in love with summoning gameplay (as main master is Somer im not leaving home without 9-12 bayou gremlins) and im hoping to see pure summon-oriented master in Gremlins.
  4. green-n-dumb

    Gremraida and the problem of too much support

    i dont like the model at all. she is not gremlin and she is uglier that half of resser rotten girls. if i will buy her i will change head and give her to painter to make conversions of her for young lady looking. her avatar is amazing buy it costs like a half of neverborn fraction+cant be played as master. avatar is nice. ijust dont want to play model that i dont like visualy. its like i was looking to ressers and they all are gore and rotten and its pretty disgusting to me.
  5. green-n-dumb

    Gremraida and the problem of too much support

    What neverborn models Zoraida needs in Gremlins? Wisps, waldgeists, nurse? How she feels in Gremlins? Not too weak compairing to Neverborns? PS: She is only gremlin master i dont have and her realy ugly look and too much neverbornish stops me from immmidiately buying her. But voodoo doll is so cute and lots of interesting mechanics looking sweet.
  6. green-n-dumb

    Wyrd Painting Contests Announced

    Is whiskey golem valid for this event? Or tanuki?
  7. green-n-dumb

    Help versus Ressurectionists

    Wong+2xSwinecursed+glowy Burt/McTawith/other tough guy+Sammy with Ooo Glowy+Taxidermist+Old Cranky may help. Magical swinecurseds and Burt ot another beater will melt most models. Sammy will held one Limited Upgrade for Wong so he can take Gremlins Luck and Explosive Solutions. Also Taxidermist for stealing enemy cosrps markers and making them stuffed piglets. Old cranky for +1 wp to everyone. And i didnt tried but gremlin mates saying that Brewmaster feels okay to play agains ressers.
  8. green-n-dumb

    Bushwackers are a good model

    Imo they will be worth taking sometimes if they will be 4ss/atack on friendly fail will not hurt them/reckless/frendly fail atack will be focused. In all other situations we have way better 4-5ss models.
  9. green-n-dumb

    Facing Hoffman

    Last time played with Hoffman with Somer summoning bayous each turn and throwing 1-2 in the bubble to tie up all the models and outactivating them. They came turn 2 to the center and stayed there till end of the game.
  10. green-n-dumb

    What Factions Spook You?

    Reading cards McTawish+Sparks looking great to deal with def stance/focus taking-sharing.
  11. coordinate with local arcanist mate to buy box for 50/50?
  12. green-n-dumb

    Lucky Effigy

    So will it work with Somer Rams aura?:D
  13. green-n-dumb

    App bug with Sammy's Upgrade ability

    Looks like it was party friday
  14. green-n-dumb

    the most "dirty" summoner

    Hello! Playing Malifaux for some time and i have a qusetion - what is the best summoner in the game in terms of gaining VP and killing people. I'm playing gremlins and my favourite master is Somer. My problem that im keeping summoning until turn 3-4 while im not getting out f bayou gremlins models + picking taxidermist for some stuffed piglets. Realy enjoying to have 15-20 activations against elite 7-8 man crews So can you advice natural-born summoners who are hell for the opponents? And how much stuff do they need to start running. The most obvious idea is Nicodem but i never seen him/other summoners in action.
  15. green-n-dumb

    The new gremlin in town

  16. green-n-dumb

    New player - need help

    Somer+Bayou Gremlins+Burt Jebsen+Merris LaCroix. And you are ready to go. As result you will get - one very strong and novice friendly master Somer who will have lots of Bayou gremlins to summon, spols to heal, Merris to do schemes Burt/Francois/Raphael to crush faces. And thematical Kin gunline master Ophelia. This list will be ok for participating in tournaments.
  17. green-n-dumb

    Year of the Pig

    Is it worth to takes Sparks+Mech Porkchop for +1 armor to Ulix and fast to porkchop and 3-4 extra ss cache for pure warpig summoning? I love summoning gameply, my main master is Somer and i cant stop while i dont have 9 bayous I made a picture how do i see it What is your ideas for maximum summon?
  18. green-n-dumb

    Big Brain Brin - A hidden gem?

    Errrm. Our models are like glass and free Reckless is our visit card. And bayou gremlins reckless is useable ~1 time in a game, rarely 2.
  19. green-n-dumb

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    Can someone please explain why in all lists there are Old Major and Student of Conflict?
  20. green-n-dumb

    What was the last list you played?

    First time decided to try Aionus and Crier. Leader: Somer Teeth Jones - Cache:(4) Family Tree 2ss Gremlin Crier 7ss Gremlin Taxidermist 7ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Bayou Gremlin 3ss Lightning Bug 5ss Slop Hauler 5ss Aionus 12ss Dirty Cheater 1ss Was playing against Hoffman with his tematical crew and emissary. Killed just 3 his models - flying bat, totem and metal cat-hunter. All game just summoned bayous, they run in the bubble after the end of enemy activations and making Ply for information + hold up their forces. Taxidermist just run corners scheme. Didnt get any value from Crier+Aionus, but may be its because of first time playing with them.
  21. green-n-dumb

    Zipp wins UK Masters gg2018

    I can't understand one thing - why old major?? For reactivate+saddle?
  22. green-n-dumb

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    Hello Bayou brothers! So we have lots of point cost changes: Whiskey Golem (Cost -1) Moon Shinobi (Cost -1) Wild Boar (Cost -1) Survivor (Cost -1) Mancha Roja (Cost -1) Mechanized Porkchop (Cost -1) Bayou Bushwhackers (Cost -1) Rafael LaCroix (Cost -1) Burt Jebsen (Cost +1) McTavish (Cost +1) Francois LaCroix (Cost +1) Running Tab (Cost -1) What do you feel about it? How do you think it will change our gameplay?
  23. green-n-dumb

    New player, what crew?

    Somer+Slop Hauler+Merris LaCroix+Bayou gremlins+Burt Jebsen boxes.
  24. green-n-dumb

    McTawish conversion help!

    Hello! I need a help with ideas on McTawish conversion. I thought to put gremlin on crocodile and give him machine gun on his back but looks like it wont count as legal conversion for tournaments. Do you have ideas how to get rid of that smelly drunkard and replace him with some almighty bayou warriors? I thought about Raphael/Francois but its too expensive to buy one more Ophelia box just for one conversion.
  25. green-n-dumb

    McTawish conversion help!

    My tournament organisation said that is not a "an accurate representation of the model portrayed". Yup, its McTawish gator.