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  1. This trigger is pure gold for the Ancestor/Retainer crew! In my game tonight with Yan Lo I was able to give Manos' Reliquary to a Gokudo early on turning the Gokudo into an incredibly durable, fast, cheap scheme-runner. It also fixed my usual issue with Manos in that he operates too far way from the crew to give his upgrade to someone when he dies; furthermore, it finally makes the Reliquary upgrades relevant! Split The Soul really elevates this crew. My only complaint is that the trigger is only on Chiaki which makes her feel auto-take; her condition removal is already invaluable so she'll likely make most lists anyway, but I really dislike her feeling like a tax on the crew. Giving Yan Lo Split The Soul on Transcendence would fix that, also allow for the possibility of getting Chiaki's Reliquary out, and make Yan Lo feel a little more useful the first couple of turns; Growing Power is a pretty bad trigger anyway so it could easily be replaced.
  2. I just played Yan Lo tonight and needing a 10 didn't feel bad for an Ashigaru, but that combined with the 7 needed for Daimyo's Gift and the 6 needed for Foul-Mouthed Motivation made him ridiculously card hungry. He needs to be able to do one of those action reliably without cheating cards from your hand; I think both Daimyo's Gift and Foul-Mouthed Motivation could have their stats bumped up 1 and he would feel a lot better for a 9SS model.
  3. I believe Siphon Power allows Manos to take the damage himself since it doesn't specify *another* friendly model.
  4. I hope we don't see even a single model per keyword per book because that would be a lot more models added per book than we're currently seeing. Broken Promises added about 6 models per faction, which I think would be a fine rate to keep; it would mean seeing the lacking keywords in each faction getting the help they need, maybe a versatile model per faction, and some new dual-keyword options. Otherwise, I agree that keyword hiring should help reduce model bloat quite a bit. Do you have proof to back that claim up? Is this a common feeling among players? At the end of the closed beta/start of open beta I thought there were only a handful of useless models in the keywords I play and the open beta has fixed a good number of those, so hearing that a third of the models in the game are "dead" strikes me as a wild exaggeration. I'd say maybe 10% of models are completely useless right now (still way too many and definitely not evenly distributed among the keywords), but it's a steadily shrinking number.
  5. Schill had new art in Broken Promises so I'm assuming he'll get a model to match; in addition, the Drache Trooper, Librarian, and Scout have all had an increase to the number you can field so I'd say a new Freikorp box is imminent.
  6. He might be considered that right now, but once again, that has yet to be proven by years of tournament data. There were a lot of people who thought Reva was way better than she actually was when Book 5 released and not a lot of people predicted how dominant Sandeep would be. Again, the problem with adding too much is that those models can't be removed from the game; if we add to much now then we're stuck adding "patch" models to the weakened crews later and those aren't fun because they just become a tax on the crew. I do agree that the could make Johan more reliable because right now he's a 7SS Relic Hammer that's going to be dead long before he makes it into engagement. They could add a the to Rebel Yell and even drop its stat by 1 for all I a care, making its offensive use only situational; that way he'd be a good, back-field support piece with a double-edged condition removal that can do some damage to anyone who gets too close.
  7. Arguing colloquialisms is inane. Chess comparisons are common enough that we should be able to understand the point being made. If Tanuki and the Arcane Effigy aren't being used a ton then it suggests that maybe condition removal isn't that necessary; I've personally found plenty of room for out-of-keyword models in my games with Outcasts and Ressers so I have to imagine that Arcanists and TT have the room, especially for cheap versatile models. That hasn't been my experience thus far, but I don't have access to all of the battle reports so I won't argue it isn't true; however, introducing a lot of condition removal is a nerf to every crew that relies on conditions (off the top of my head that's Kaeris, Sonia, McMourning, Brewmaster, Reva, Jack, Tara) and if we add too much condition removal now then those crews are screwed for the life of the edition because they can't remove models, but they can add them. I distinctly remember not wanting to play McMourning after a point in M2E because it became so easy for my opponents to remove Poison; every competitive game with him was "kill the condition removal in time for my crew to be effective and score." It's beta so now is the perfect time to raise that concern.
  8. That may still be true, or be the intent, which is why I say it still needs clarification, but there is zero reference to "spending" actions in the rulebook.
  9. There was another thread on this and I can't remember if it was resolved, but you don't spend AP this edition so it should still work as intended; you have Stunned so your Bonus Action counts against your Action Limit, then you use Shrug Off, remove Stunned and now it doesn't count against your Action Limit. If anything it just needs clarification either in the rulebook or in the actions text.
  10. The chess comparison doesn't have to be 100% accurate for it to be appropriate and it's very commonly used in the gaming world to express that things feel samey; the end of M2E was starting to feel quite a bit like chess as everyone was bring the same pieces to every match and so I'd rather not see the versatile-condition-removal-tax added to every crew based on what the competitive meta *might* be. Currently, Outcasts have quite a bit of condition mitigation and removal between an entire keyword with Nihilism, Freikorp can deal with conditions well as a keyword, Drache Troopers for everyone else, and Johan. Let's actually wait for a meta to develop before deciding what is and isn't healthy for it, then future releases can fill in the gaps if need be.
  11. Nope, Scrap and Corpse are probably the most common, but the Pianos that Zipp and Earl drop are Markers. In my last game with Zipp I was playing against Titania so I brought Mancha and Wrastlers simply to pull up her crew's Underbrush Markers. There are actually quite a few crews that heavily utilize Markers this edition though such as Kaeris, Sonnia, and Reva using Pyre Markers, and Rasputina, Euripides using Ice Pillar Markers; there are a handful of others scattered around as well like Mine Field Markers.
  12. They can remove the Explosive markers only with an interact action since that's the only way specified by the strategy; they unfortunately cannot remove them with Wrastle.
  13. It's way too late in the beta process to change a large portion of the Malifaux roster that much, I feel it would also significantly limit the design space should they want to introduce models that play with Injured more, and blanket immunity has proven to be frustrating to play against in the past; however, I agree that it's weird that HtW mean easy-to-injure and I think it would be much more reasonable to simply add to HtW and Armor (which I think is easily the weaker defensive tech) that models with those abilities cannot suffer more than a -1 penalty to their stats from Injured. With that change, Injured would still be usable for effects, but HtW models wouldn't be able to have their already low stats reduced by a lot. I agree regarding the heals though. It is extremely frustrating to hire a model that can only heal half of your crew. I do really like the idea of the faction having a versatile condition remover, but I don't want it to be the Effigy unless it's also on the Emissary because otherwise you'd have to choose between the two. I think I'd like to see Bone Piles and/or Gravediggers because both of them seem over costed and neither really fill a role in the faction at the moment, especially not the Bone Piles. The other option would be to put Dispel Magic on one of the Upgrades, probably replacing Blasphemous Ritual on Grave Spirit's Touch. I do want to note that I've had some success using Mindless Zombies to remove conditions with the Assist action, but it's definitely not reliable or very efficient.
  14. Pg. 13 A place effect changes your location; therefore, it is a move.
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