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  1. You're missing a crucial rule on pg. 25 A model with Demise (Eternal) still dies after using Complete the Ritual since they were killed by an effect and not by being reduced to 0 Health. If a model Obeys a model to Complete the Ritual then they die and Demise (Eternal) can't save them.
  2. I prefer putting Manos' Reliquary on a Gokudo; without any other upgrades, that Gokudo now has Regen 2, Demise (Eternal), and HtK. That makes for silly tough 5SS model!
  3. I found actual evidence in the book so I retract my position that Incorporeal doesn't reduce the damage taken from the cost of Necrotic Decay. p.12 "Action Triggers are tied to specific Actions and can only be used with that Action They are found below an Ac- tion’s effect and are subject to all game effects that affect the Action (such as Incorporeal or flips to damage)." So with that, Incorporeal definitely reduces the power of Ashes and Dust's Necrotic Decay trigger; if this isn't intended then it should probably be "Irreducible damage."
  4. My this logic, Marlena can't reduce the damage Leveticus suffers from Channel and Freikorpsmann can't use Shielded to reduce the damage from Equipment training. By overcomplicating this you're breaking interactions (way more than I just mentioned) when the simple answer is Incorporeal does not reduce Necrotic Decay damage.
  5. This is already covered on the card; Incorporeal doesn't reduce damage from Triggers. It could maybe use an FAQ, but Black Blood confirms that damage from Attacks and Triggers are different things.
  6. I love the look of this art even in its limited state! Chiaki is especially exciting as I hate her current model. Yan Lo is long overdue in having his crew updated. I mentioned these two in another thread, but also take a look at Yan Lo's Ascendent upgrades; new art for the Soul Porter as well! Unfortunately, Toshiro and Yin don't have new art on their upgrades, but I suspect that the art just isn't ready yet and they'll get the same treatment down the line.
  7. Take a look at Yan Lo's Ascendant upgrades for new Soul Porter art, and at Chiaki's and Izamu's Reliquary upgrades for their new art! It looks like pencil sketches, but it's something. Unfortunately, there's no new art on Yin's or Toshiro's upgrades.
  8. The text of Glimpse says to "Unbury it [the target] within 1" of an enemy model;" therefore, your option for Unburying is within 1" of every enemy model on the table and so if you have an option then you have to take it. If it said "choose an enemy model and Unbury the target within 1" of the chosen model," then you would be able to more easily force them back into their DZ.
  9. I've personally found that Extended Reach makes Ashigaru far more reliable defensive pieces that Komainu; Armor +2 is excellent, but anti-Armor tech is common while Extended Reach has very answers and is easy to position effectively. I agree that they are both quite good for their cost though, I just don't think Komainu are much more efficient if at all. On their own, Gokudo are definitely squishy, but a single Gokudo with Manos' Reliquary because a nigh unstoppable scheme runner and it's easy to set up with Chiaki's Split the Soul Trigger.
  10. Von Schtook had some correspondence with Molly, but I can't remember where it was exactly; maybe in Book 2 or the book from the Transmortis box. Von Schtook is very fond of Molly though (in a less creepy way than Seamus); he's lent her his students, which is why the were Horrors in M2E, and I think he was trying to fix her coughing up blood. I'm really hoping that they expand on their relationship and that we get a Forgotten/Transmortis model in the future to reflect it.
  11. This trigger is pure gold for the Ancestor/Retainer crew! In my game tonight with Yan Lo I was able to give Manos' Reliquary to a Gokudo early on turning the Gokudo into an incredibly durable, fast, cheap scheme-runner. It also fixed my usual issue with Manos in that he operates too far way from the crew to give his upgrade to someone when he dies; furthermore, it finally makes the Reliquary upgrades relevant! Split The Soul really elevates this crew. My only complaint is that the trigger is only on Chiaki which makes her feel auto-take; her condition removal is already invaluable so
  12. I just played Yan Lo tonight and needing a 10 didn't feel bad for an Ashigaru, but that combined with the 7 needed for Daimyo's Gift and the 6 needed for Foul-Mouthed Motivation made him ridiculously card hungry. He needs to be able to do one of those action reliably without cheating cards from your hand; I think both Daimyo's Gift and Foul-Mouthed Motivation could have their stats bumped up 1 and he would feel a lot better for a 9SS model.
  13. I believe Siphon Power allows Manos to take the damage himself since it doesn't specify *another* friendly model.
  14. He might be considered that right now, but once again, that has yet to be proven by years of tournament data. There were a lot of people who thought Reva was way better than she actually was when Book 5 released and not a lot of people predicted how dominant Sandeep would be. Again, the problem with adding too much is that those models can't be removed from the game; if we add to much now then we're stuck adding "patch" models to the weakened crews later and those aren't fun because they just become a tax on the crew. I do agree that the could make Johan more reliable because right n
  15. Arguing colloquialisms is inane. Chess comparisons are common enough that we should be able to understand the point being made. If Tanuki and the Arcane Effigy aren't being used a ton then it suggests that maybe condition removal isn't that necessary; I've personally found plenty of room for out-of-keyword models in my games with Outcasts and Ressers so I have to imagine that Arcanists and TT have the room, especially for cheap versatile models. That hasn't been my experience thus far, but I don't have access to all of the battle reports so I won't argue it isn't true; however, in
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