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  1. Looks like the forum got spammed... Anyone need a fake college degree? I know where to look!
  2. I'd been hoping that you'd managed to secure a demo table at Comicpalooza, maybe an idea for next year?
  3. That's a good one; it was brought up in the thread where they announced the update to the upcoming page: For some reason the Terracotta Warriors are no longer on the release schedule.
  4. I have to agree with this. The Neverborn may be violent and a bit manipulative, but in the end they're really just trying to keep the Grave Spirit from wrecking both sides of the Breach while doing their best to keep humans from destroying Malifaux all on their own.
  5. Had to quickly research PanOceania and found this blurb on the Infinity website: "If life at the top is your thing, your place is in PanOceania." That sounds Guild-esque to me. They're the more clean-cut faction with the law on their side. I'm an Arcanist player myself, I like the idea of fighting for the little guys. Going to start dipping into the Neverborn soon though. My gf is getting into the game though and chose the Guild because they're the easiest to see the good-guy aspect of. I hope I'm making sense, the fluff for Malifaux is incredibly rich and complex. A lot of backstory can be found on the Breachside Broadcast, a podcast done by Wyrd with a lot of the stories in it. I highly recommend it if you or your friend are podcast type people. Conveniently located here: https://www.wyrd-games.net/breachside-broadcast
  6. Depending on your POV, each faction is motivated by "good" intentions. Zoraida and the Neverborn want to prevent the destruction of their world from the humans, the Arcanists want fair work conditions in the mines, the Gremlins are insane, but the Guild is the law. From a classical perspective, the Guild are the law makers and the peace keepers. Perdita and the Ortegas are in Latigo to defend humanity from the Nephilim threat. Lady Justice and her Death Marshalls pit themselves against Death itself in the Resurectionists. Sonnia and Samael protect Malifaux from the lawless destruction of the Arcanist, and so on. One of the things I like about Malifaux is that no faction is always the good guy and no faction is motivated by unrealistic evil. Rather the story is more 'real' in that each character does their best to do what they believe is right rather than one faction just wanting to destroy, conquer or consume.
  7. I'm thinking it'll get the 'sold out' badge like some of the other items in the store that are sold out. It seems like there were a couple of kinks in the system when the turned the store back on this morning.
  8. What! Oh no! I don't want to pay shipping again.
  9. There's a chance she won't be sold out by then. I was just being paranoid and bought her as quickly as I could. As of right now the only thing that looks to be sold out is the voodoo dolls they were offering for free with one of their new posters; although Miss Fire seems to be having issues with not having a way to add her to your cart.
  10. Miss Fire, Titania, and the VooDoo dolls that are free with posters are all sold out. (Probably more than that but those I know for sure.) Strike that, Titania seems to have gotten her buy button back. I had assumed the missing button meant sold out but it looks like I could have been wrong. The voodoo dolls seem to be sold out already though; they went in like 10 minutes or less.
  11. Interesting, she looks to be missing price information and the buy button.
  12. Good question, I tried to place my order within 10 minutes of the store opening and tried 2 different posters before I gave up and got my Titania before she sold out too.
  13. Those both look really great! I really like the way you made the eerie green swamp.
  14. I've been anxiously awaiting Titania's release since I saw her sculpt, I fell in love with the aesthetic of the crew. It's down to 1 more week before their release and I can't stop thinking about ways to paint and base them. I want to focus on a fairy-tale motif (Titania is the Queen of the Fae in a Midsummer Night's Dream and the whole crew feels very fairy tale to me) The Thorn actively reminds me of Sleeping Beauty, for instance. That being said, I'm unsure what it all means, especially when it come to basing them. (If I could pull off a fairy ring on Titania's base I'd do it in a heartbeat but I don't know how. Oversized mushrooms maybe? Any ideas are welcome, please post pictures, I want inspiration but I'm lost things like color scheme and continuity across the crew.
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