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  1. After having no luck finding a Trixiebelle proxy I liked to use in my Brewmaster crew, I decided to try my hand at creating my own! This was my first time experimenting with kitbashing/green stuff and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! All of the parts I used came from the female multi kit from Through The Breach (I guess its not really a kitbash if it all came from the same kit? Technically I made a conversion of a Through The Breach model and I'm using it as a proxy in Malifaux? Whatever, it's semantics. ) I had to do quite a bit of trimming to get the model height to that of a gremlin (the female multi kit has some longer legs than normal Malifaux models to boot). I tried to match the height with the Moon Shinobi model that is doing the crane stance since all the other gremlin models I own are hunched over. First time using green stuff... It really is like modeling chewing gum. The ears... the ears ended up looking more like 1980's Gremlins than Malifaux Gremlins but any smaller and I would have probably given up the hobby completely trying to shape them. I think it will be convincing once its on the table. I wan't about to try to give the face gremlin proportions so she is going to have to remain atypically attractive for a gremlin. Her pose ended up being pretty lacking in personality for a gremlin but I tried to giver her equipment to match her skills/upgrades. I thought the hidden hand of cards was appropriate for her initiative manipulating capabilities and the revolver for her 'A Gun For a Lady' upgrade. Overall I'm pretty happy with how she turned out (again... the ears...). The torso and hip proportions still look a little funky and I need to do some cleanup on the legs but I think she will look good at tabletop level. Thanks for reading!
  2. I would love a gremlin kit as well. I'm contemplating making a trixie belle proxy with the female multi kit but its going to take a lot of cutting to get the size right and some green stuff on top of that. A gremlin kit would make that much easier
  3. Anybody know of any good proxy for Trixiebelle? She's very gremlin appropriate but still a little too goofy looking for my tastes.
  4. This sounds like a sound plan! Thanks for the reply! I like the Gremlins theme and playstyle as well so that may be what I aim for.
  5. Hi! I'm a new player getting into Malifaux and after purchasing the starter set and reading all the old rulebooks for the fluff I'm trying to finally decide on a crew to buy. I recently got a good deal on a nightmare whiskey golem (gremlins) and I really like the model so I'm trying to build a crew around it (is that a strange thing in malifaux?). I know some masters can hire from outside of their faction and I really like the Outcast models so I was hoping you guys could help me figure out which Outcast master is able to recruit the whiskey golem, if any. Thanks!
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