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  1. I'm going with Nekima, 2 young, 2 mature, totem as the core box. That leaves a box of 4 tots and 2 young as a supplement.
  2. Cueball

    Slow Bayou Forum

    This is the post I have been waiting for, nice to see some positivity and details on where the masters currently stand. I haven't had much chance to beta test as my playgroup are taking a break from faux. Any chance you could give us more details on brewie? What his crews look like? Must takes etc? There is only so much I can guard from reading his rules, would be good to hear how he plays out on the board.
  3. How are you finding Ulix in general, he is favourite master by far so I am hoping to play a lot of him. When is he at his best? When is he at his worst? What are the sort of tricks you find yourself pulling with him?
  4. Hi, I am moving to Singapore in the summer, is there much of a malifaux or ToS scene over there? I need to decide if j will be shipping my models over or not.
  5. Yeah I had heard that too, Its definitely going all in on the alpha strike but I guess you are happy to sac the student for the flame as there is no way the student will keep up with Sonia.
  6. That's perfect thank you, does the watcher scheme or set it's self up for LOS turn 2?
  7. What does the list look like? Anything involving taking models off the table sounds fun
  8. With it being at battlefield I would be up for for both side events.
  9. Looking at moving to Beijing but will be visiting friends in Shanghai regularly, Good to know that i might get to hobby a little bit.
  10. I am playing against Outcasts. How does Nellie fare in quarters? Is it a case of reduce their crew down and then take them?
  11. I am playing my first game of interference tomorrow and really can't decide who to take. I have Sonia, Nellie, Perdita and Lucius available but have only really been focusing on Nellie lately. The Corner Strats are where I really struggle with Guild as there is no one who stands out as auto take for the strat. Who do you field in these sorts of games, what do your lists look like? Thanks.
  12. The more I think about it the more I see me playing a mixture of models, almost like a petting zoo gone mad. Just can't decide which model I would use for the master.
  13. I used both in Symbols yesterday and it was well worth the points, fingers saving my last marker whilst zipp scored me punish the weak was the swing I needed to get the win. Having two 6inch auruas just covers so much of the board.
  14. Cueball

    Old Cranky

    Cranky is Wong's totem, the cycling combos with Sami LaCroix who usually caries glowwy. His main selling point for me is the fact he drops a marker aswell, means that Wong can pick it up with his zero for scheming or cranky sits with MCtavish giving him gator snakc and refilling your soul stones when MCtavish kills something.
  15. Gotta be a warpig, gator raising Ulix sounds amazing.
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