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  1. @spooky_squirrelThanks so much for this! I definitely agree with most of what you've said. I'll say how things go.
  2. Well someone was pretty helpful and helped me get some pretty heavily discounted ice gamin. So, I suppose I can add that to the list!
  3. So, heavy risk and reward? Makes sense. I'm looking to play at the store near my house which has around 10 active players. I also have my girlfriend who wants to play Neverborn Lillith, but ideally I'm going to hold off on buying anything 'new' until I have these models painted and based. I'm game for playing around and getting crushed until I have a clue though.
  4. I haven't seen much talk about this. But, what's the consensus on Shastar Vidiya Guard ? I know they can take Imbue Energy, and a handful of other useful upgrades. They seem strong, and they benefit from synergy with Sandeep from what I've seen at least.
  5. Okay, thanks everyone! This helps out quite a bit. Oxford trio seem great for pushing in general. I'm mostly expecting to be primarily focused around learning various interactions.
  6. Okay, thanks that makes sense! That limits the pool down for beasts.
  7. @benjoewoo any sentiments on what would be worth having for Myranda options? You yourself brought up raptor, most of what I read has said Myranda -> Raptor is very useful. Since you're mostly just using her for Imbue Energy and you get your cards when she transforms. To turn one push for lots of summons. I find it interesting you mention how Sandeep is good enough to be his own summon engine. This is something I've seen too. His summon costs seem pretty reasonable and you just need to bump your hand size up to turn one banasuva or whenever you need him. I'm aware that utility is the main benefit Sandeep has and that's what attracted me to him as a master.
  8. Hi everyone, Shapeshift Options for Myranda: Synergy with Sandeep So, I've recently started building a Sandeep crew. I've read quite a bit about the various models that tend to 'mesh' well with Sandeep, and I'm aware Myranda is essentially an auto-include for most Arcanist crews. However, I was curious what particular beasts are the best models to have in reserve for Myranda to turn into? Most of the topics in regards to this are pretty old, and happened well before Sandeep. Here's a list of things I've purchased: Sandeep Box Marcus Box (Mostly to get Myranda, and some shapeshift options.) Metal Gamin Fire Gamin Shastar Vidiya Guard (I like the models, but I'm aware I might not be running more than one or even running them against certain comps) Just to clarify, I haven't played Malifaux before but I have played similar games. I've also listened to a lot of the various podcasts, and read over most of the discussions around here. Models I've heard that are good with Sandeep that I don't own: Wind Gamin (Probably the most mentioned model I don't own. Likely number one purchase I don't have.) Mecha Rider (This one I've heard isn't super important on Sandeep in comparison to other arcanists. I'm well aware that she's useful, but Sandeep himself summons as is. I'm more worried that she's a bad model to have when Sandeep should be able to place enough gamins on his own) Ice Gamin (Just for more toolkit options for the rare situation Banasuva needs Frozen Heart.) Oxfordian Mages (Number two purchase I don't own.) Arcane Emissary (Seems AWESOME with Sandeep, but unsure how to really run this model with him.) Models I'm iffy about that might be good to have? (Would like opinions on these.) Freikorps Librarian Silurids (I think these count for Myranda shapeshift?) Malifaux Raptor (Myranda again.) The Valedictorian (Seems really costly in SS and $$$, and I think Kudra does something similar?) Sanctioned Spellcasters (Iffy on these, think the SS is better spent elsewhere from what I know.) Johan (Heard good things about having him in general.) Joss (Seems over-rated, and I think Sandeep has better uses of SS. Open to opinions as he seems popular.) Molemen (Unsure about these.) Angelica (Seems kinda meh in Sandeep.) Arcane Effigy (Don't know what he does that Sandeep needs. Would love to hear more.) Slate Ridge Mauler (Seems like a mega beat stick for shapeshift?) Spawn Mother (Shapeshift? Unsure what she adds to Sandeep, just seems more like Myranda utility.) Thanks in advance, Panfuricus
  9. Not really much to add but I'm intending to run Sandeep and I'll post how that goes.
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