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  1. Hi I recently bought Darkness comes rattling. Its a great themed game of Pagan type people. Lots of good stories on the challenge cards, transformations between the material world and spirit world. Its cool. Here's the thing, the ending is not so cool. It should be but it isn't, the chosen warrior interaction is reduced to moving and suggestions. The interesting stuff along the path to the Sun can be dodged with a bit of challenge movement from outside warriors and the chosen warriors movement. Why wouldn't you dodge your trying to win! but you lose the theme of the game. The gap between the warrior and the sun can seem a painful torturous ordeal. What I mean is, the great theme is lost. its a fight against the corruption and shadows for the warriors outside. But for the warrior chasing the Sun The theme is lost. So has this been brought up before here ? Has anyone thought of possible ways to improve the ending or am I playing this wrong? I have a few ideas but interested to here others first Regards Paul
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