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  1. There is a market for that for sure! I would love to see some content around TtB - gameplay, tips, updates, etc. It would be awesome to see the community create such a show - perhaps through an online game! You would have a listener here!!
  2. I'm stringing a bunch of one shots together so that we can get the hang of the game before starting a longer adventure. A lot of the free downloaded one-shots provide Fate ties, and so I used those to start helping with which ones I'd like to bring together for my players first steps. That method might help!
  3. This is great advice! And I agree about rule lawyers! Our second session went MUCH smoother. I altered the stats of all NPCs in the same way - but I just realized that the issue we were having was me reading the TN of NPCs in correctly. I was adding Will AND Def plus rank - so no wonder they could never hit.....I feel so silly! But thank goodness for everyone on here! The entire group LOVED the feel and story of Ghost House! We made it half way through! I added in a few additional elements (e.g., recordings of ghosts! Letters! Puzzles!) and really worked out the maps so it was similar to our D&D play. I felt this would be a good session to really focus on the combat mechanics, as well as situations where they had to utilize their talents rather than fight. I was so pleased and impressed by my players! They did great - and they all said afterwards that they really are starting to see how things are coming together in TtB and how they're nicely different than D&D. I'm glad we made it over the hump, and we're all accepting that we need to work out some wrinkles (myself majorly!!) but also accept how it's NOT going to be D&D 5e!! I think we're also really liking the guided nature of the adventures. We're use to playing a very open world in our RPGs, and the layout of the story and session allows for some exploration, but also it's a nice guided story! I have to say that we are all enjoying TtB - and I can see it being a staple in our RPG rotation once we all learn the mechanics a bit better. Next session will be focused more on flushing out the magic/spellcasting in the game. We are getting there!
  4. THIS EXPLAINS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Le gob....you have no idea how much I need to thank you right now!! ((I'm not going to tell my players...but you seriously have helped them!!))
  5. Thank you for this! I used this as a quick cheatsheet for my players and it has helped SO much!! I also added this text, not sure if it would be useful to others: Combat 1) Determine Initiative :Make an initiative flip from the Fate Deck and Add your Speed Aspect and Notice Skill 2) Start Turn Effects (Resolve any effects) 3) Determine General Action Points (AP) Each character receives 2 AP Some game effects may increase or decrease AP 4) Take Actions Spend AP and resolve action Every action requires a number of AP (Appear in parenthesis by the number of AP) Some talents grant additional AP, and can be spent only on Actions associated with the description 5) End Turn Effects (Resolve any effects) Combat Actions Charge (2 AP): Charge directly towards the target, then take two strike Actions. Each Action must have an AP cost of 1. Strike (1 AP): Performs a single attack (either ranged or melee). Tactical Actions Defensive Stance (#): The character may discard a card to gain +Def (equal to the AP spent on this Action) until the start of its next. Focus (1 AP): Gain +Card to next (non-Focus) Action and any resulting Damage Flip. Action stacks (up to a total of +++). Impose (1 AP): Draw attention of target. Make Social Test (usually Intimidate) against target's (Tenacity + Scrutiny). Successful, the target suffers “-” (plus an additional ”-” for every Margin of Success). Trick (1 AP): Deception or misdirection to gain an advantage. Make skill Challenge (such as Deceive or Sleight of Hand) against target's Cunning + Awareness. Success, gain a + to melee or ranged attack Actions and Damage Flips until the start of the your next turn. You gain + to Defense against target until next turn. Reload (#): Reload is listed as a value for AP. A reload Action may take more AP than the character has, in which case they may wish to take another Reload Action during their next turn. Movement Actions Drop Prone (1 AP): Gain + to Defense challenges against Ranged and - to Defense against Melee. Run (2 AP): Move up to twice Walk speed plus his Athletics skill (in yards) ATTACKING TN of target = Def + Will + Rank (Fatemaster Reveals TN) ACTING VALUE -> Attackers Aspect + Weapon/SP Skill Modifiers: Calculate by adding any “+” or “-” (These will determine how many cards you take, and which values you can choose) Flip cards & apply modifiers RESULTS: If hit, perform Damage Flip DEFENDING TN of attack = Aspect + Combat Skill + Rank (Fatemaster Reveals) ACTING VALUE -> Defense (Melee/Range), Willpower (Magic) Modifiers: Calculate by adding any “+” or “-” (These will determine how many cards you take, and which values you can choose) Flip cards & apply modifiers RESULTS: If Defense fails, perform Damage Flip [Note: Horror Duel: Against Will Power, see p 219 for effects] DAMAGE When damage is done it’s presented as a 1/2/3 (Weak/Moderate/Severe damage). How much damage is dealt is determined with a Damage Flip. Each character has a Wounds Aspect (total damage taken before serious consequences). When suffering damage, Wounds Aspect is lowered by a value of damage. 0 or fewer current Wounds & character suffers a Critical Effect. Damage can be healed. Modifiers: Margins of Success + Damage + Accuracy Flip cards & apply modifiers (+, Fated picks damage; - Defender, Black Joker is always chosen) Cheat Fate (Optional) Apply Damage
  6. Thank you!! I can easily make that change!
  7. I haven't come across one, but I will mention that the FM Kit really isn't worth it, given the screen has the stats for 1E. I've taken to cut out and tape the needed stats and changes to my old one, and that works. The positive of the screen is that it is...BEAUTIFUL- the artwork is stunning! I know this isn't much help - but I would suggest pulling out some of the key stats, and then just taping them to a screen from another RPG!
  8. Based on threads here, and other player creations, I decided to create a play mat for my players. I know many of you have posted images of your own playmats, so thank you! I take no credit for the design- it's all thanks to this community! I'm not sure if it would be useful for anything here, but I thought I would post it on the off chance that others might be able to use it! My players have found it really helpful, and I think we're going to laminate them! I'm wondering though, if there are any additional pieces of information that could be put on there!
  9. This is great! It's nice to know! Given that the majority is 2nd Ed might as well! I wasn't sure if it were possible to play between the two, but that'd create way too much confusion! Thanks!
  10. Thank you for the help!! Tonight was a no-go, so we play tomorrow! I enjoyed making the maps, and I think it's going to be fun. What are peoples' thoughts on fudging or changing stats or conditions in an adventure?
  11. We started session 0 using 2 of the 1st edition books. We not have 4 of the 2nd edition, so that most players (except 1) has the new rules. Would you recommend using the 1st or 2nd edition for this?
  12. Tomorrow night I do my second session of TtB! I'm so looking forward to it! I've given it much thought, and I'm going to run Ghost House. I think that'll be a great introduction to combat, really demonstrate the nastiness of the world, and is the perfect tie to the larger story I'm doing. I know some of you have mentioned it's a tough adventure, and there's been some GREAT feedback on why. My players are super new, we did a session 0 last time, so I'm wondering if you have any advice or specific tweaks to the adventure! I'm so excited!
  13. Please share if you do! That sounds amazing!
  14. This is fantastic!! Thank you so much!
  15. Thank you for the smile! I think I've unknowingly set my Fated down a hard (but fun!) path! They did ask for a difficult game, so I guess I'm giving it to them! I believe I am experiencing FM FOMO - I want to do ALL the adventures! I have just become so engrossed with the world and stories of Malifaux! I was never like this with D&D - and to be honest, I might have a bit of regret that I didn't force my partner to FM so that I could play ((However, we did just order Into the Steam, which I outright said - "This is for you, so I can play next time!" )) I am just so impressed by the writing and richness of the world! I love it! And Ghost House and Night of the Carver are just thematically up my alley!! It's good to know that there are potential bumps that I should watch out for, and that I'll stress to my players! I've already heard them chattering about what they could have done in the dramatic time during our last game to avoid combat! I might have done an internal "hurray" when I heard it!
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