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  1. Brohon

    Characters dying

    None of my players characters have died. And we're on the train in Act II.
  2. Yes! Sorry about that! I thought this area was restricted to Fatemasters who were running the games! My apologies.
  3. The Fated managed to kill all of the cultists AND deactivate every single bomb in Act i, scene i. Seeing that the Great Buddha was undamaged and the Obsidian Gate is still intact, how does that affect Dorje Tsundue's Ritual? Does he still perform it without the Obsidian Gate? Can he still become possessed? And does he still summon/transform into an Asura?
  4. Brohon

    Do you even think of lucius as a NB master?

    I just started playing Malifaux and was going to buy the Lucius boxed set. Do you know where i can find the new errata?
  5. Brohon

    February 6 - A Stitch in Time

    Signed up and ready to download!