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  1. I've given Doppelgänger +3 Df (total of 8) and sat her next to a stash using her Blend In 0 action and giving her defensive. She became basically unkillable. However, I've only got this to work once and I wouldn't really suggest going out of your way to do it as you end up wasting a lot of AP for two enforcers that you can put to better use.
  2. Here's what I got for April: Will O' The Wisps X3: 9SS (3SS each) Wicked Dolls X3: 12SS (4SS each) Bunraku X3: 18SS (6SS each) Spawn Mother: 9SS Vasilisa: 9SS Black Joker (Teddy Proxy): 11SS Collodi: 15SS Total: 83SS
  3. I hate to be the guy who keeps correcting other members' SS counts, but I can't bring myself to sit by and let someone else lose points they deserve. That being said, @Chou masters cost 15SS, so your Rasputina is 15, boosting your month to something like 53 I think
  4. @RikLok The wood.. the eyes... It's so beautiful... Tell me your secrets!!
  5. @ringsnakeHenchmen with a soul stone cost of 0 are valued at 13ss minus their cache value. So I believe your Huggles counts as an 8ss model!
  6. Finally posting my completed models. Hooray for procrastination!! Credit to @SongOfTheSo'mer for suggesting I make extra Changelings from the figures on the Mysterious Emissary's base. With those added, (Changeling = 4ss (X2))my total SS cost goes to 60ss
  7. @SoylentRobot Henchmen with a soul stone cost of 0 are valued at 13ss minus their cache value. So your Vik of Blood (which I believe has a cache of 3) counts as a 10ss model! How's that for a bonus?
  8. Here's what's on the menus for March Madness (so far): Marionettes X4: 12SS (3SS each) Insidious Madnesses X2: 10SS (5SS each) (Get it? March Madnesses? See what I did there?) Bandersnatch: 5SS Mysterious Emissary: 10SS Modified Lucious: 15SS Total: 52SS Slightly excessive, but i need these models done
  9. @prof_bycid I suppose so? I have also heard that the SS values of henchmen are 13 minus SS cache value, and this seems to work, except Chompy has no cache value...
  10. I'll go for the emissary level! I have some questions though How many SS would you get for models like Lord Chompy Bits and Hungering Darkness? And can I get Killjoy's SS cost for a Carver?
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