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  1. Hey everybody, here is just a (not so) brief question about selling constructs (and maybe crafted equipment in general). The Tinkerer in my group decided to build a construct (worth 25§), wants to sell it for the fourfold value (roughly; as described on p. 311 in the Core Rules) and plans to use the earned Scrip to build a new Construct for "private use" (worth approx. 70§, height 4, probably armed to the teeth and what not). While I like the basic idea, I’m afraid that this approach is just too easy and may lead to almost unlimited financial resources in the long run. I don’t want to curtail the Fated’s actions or prohibit any of their ideas; but I don’t want them to basically earn infinite Scrip neither. Since they are working for / employed by the Union in our current campaign, I thought of the following complications to prevent "easy Scrip" when selling constructs: Selling the construct takes time: The Fated cannot just "convert" the construct into cash; it has to be inspected by Union steamfitters (i.e. quality assessment) and the Union needs to find a buyer – which may take days or even weeks. What if the Union decides to use it for itself, however? Paperwork and taxes: Since the Fated are members of the Union, they do not gain the full market price for selling the construct, but have to pay a fair amount of charges (e.g. fees for the inspection, commissions, interest to the Union etc.). Potential risks and long-term consequences (if the Fated should decide to skip inspections and paperwork, for example): A few weeks after selling the construct, it malfunctions and manages to kill some people. Now the Fated have to get out of this mess (which may be the subject of a whole adventure). Or do you think that I overthink this whole thing and should just roll with it? While possessing a giant construct (or arming the whole group by crafting the entire equipment) undoubtedly has its benefits (combat-wise), it is unlikely that the Fated will be able to drag it along the whole time (good luck getting it into Malifaux or Ridley, for example…). How would you deal with that sort of situation as a FM? Any advices? Thanks in advance!
  2. Signed. In our group, we follow this (possibly not very helpful ) rule of thumb when in doubt about the use of magic or Soulstones: You can do everything you like, BUT you often have to do it smartly or live with the consequences. In some situations, however, you won't even get anywhere with smart: As the others already stated, TtB is about grey areas – so these (immediate) consequences may not always be perfectly obvious (which constitutes most of the fun, actually ). You may decide to use a Soulstone to heal a deadly wounded Guild officer or cast a fireball to save his hide from an attacking Iron Zombie: Maybe you gain a new best friend (and helpful ally) in doing so; maybe the saved officer thanks you kindly – and later reports you to the nearest Witch Hunters nevertheless. I think that’s the beauty of it.
  3. And remember: Only Margins of Failure contribute towards the failure requirement (so one MoF for every five points by which the character's final duel total falls below the TN). If they just fail their Duel slightly and without generating any Margin(s) of Failure, nothing happens (the characters don‘t make any progress and might have to try again). Additionally – please correct me if I’m wrong – not every Fated has to participate in an Ongoing Challenge (provided that the logic of the Ongoing Challenge or the situation allows it, of course). So characters that are just "dismal" at certain skills may decide to step aside and let the other Fated do the job (useless bummers! ). Or they might have the possibility to "Assist" other characters.
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