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  1. @Seismic134 Looking forward to this! Just a quick name spelling correction: Kai Bird is Cai Bird - just so rankings/bagotools doesn't get all messed up. Cheers!
  2. Tickets bought for Myself Cai Bird and Gemma Stevenson
  3. I'll be in for sure, will pay up tomorrow pending payday...
  4. This was a great post. Thanks for putting this together! I played against Mr Varney with this list at Nationals and got Smoked. The next time I played it I did much much better (still lost, but progress!). I really think you have to play vs this and get smashed at least once before you will be able to defeat it (a bit like the Viks missile).
  5. I ran a similar thing for 6/7 games at the UK nationals. It was something like.... (from memory as Crewfaux got deleted....) Misaki S&S, recalled training and storm 3* jorogumo 2 * sniper 1 * pathfinder It was really really fun, but didnt work very well. Most turns I only had the had to teleport 1 jorogumo at a time to the 3 from the shadows deployments and they normally got isolated and killed. Misaki was too card hungry so the Jorogumo missed lots at MI 5. Also had difficulty getting scheme markers in the right place. The snipers were great, but theyre snipers.... really good with misaki because she dies lots! The pathfinder was great, rarely had the right card to summon a trap though, and one game I made a huge mistake and forgot that undead near nicodem ignore slow.... and forgot that they gave up points for hunting party (in GG18 they can be plyed for info now too). The whole smoke and shadows gimic is one of my favorite in Malifaux but it's not great Definitely have fun with it in chilled out games but if youre trying to win it's and uphill fight!
  6. Bigbird990

    Vappafaux 4 Feb 2018

    So are the S&S in the rules pack being used or the ones at the top of this page? Looking forward to it!!
  7. It's possible that your opponent is misreading his card and keeping the defensive condition stacked along with his others, focus, poison, burning etc. When I first started I misread his ability and definitely kept defensive for the entirety of a few practice games. It's also easy to honestly forget to remove due to different timings. Alternatively he can take a 0 action at the start of the turn after the initiative flip to become defensive, effectively being defensive permanently. Make sure your opponent uses a good tracking system I personally use different coloured glass beads for each condition and have them next to him on the board. He has gained the nickname 'skittles' now.
  8. I checked my black arcane fate deck, black joker was the first card! Sounds about right
  9. +1s for Cai Bird are: Carl Lee Kevin Gillet Great that this sold out so quickly, sure indication of a healthy scene, which is nice to see for us new players
  10. Thanks for running the event. My first, much learning done! Great opponents great tables, great venue. See you all around!
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