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  1. In a recent game a situation came up where my opponent had two models standing in an ice golem's blizzard, both enemy models were on one wound. Now I know hazard terrain only triggers on moving or taking actions so the question here is, Do you have to take all your actions during an activation? Page 21 of the rules PDF has this which leads me to believe that you could just activate and choose not to do anything and avoid things like hazard terrain. Is this the case?
  2. Mech rider can also summon electrical creations which is fun.
  3. I ran a whole lot of Sandeep at Califaux this year and someone asked for a copy of my custom summoning card, enjoy.
  4. I like to run him with Mei Feng, especially into ressers (which is my most common match up). Mei can take Sparks which can give the golem fast on a 6 pretty much every turn and I normally run imbued energies since you are already throwing him down your opponent's throat you may as well get some cards out of it. Kang also does him wonders against undead and constructs with the + to attack and damage. One of my favorite activations out of the golem was beating 5 stones out of Nekima before leaving her crippled, couldn't finish her off but my opponent lost nearly all his stones keeping her a
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