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  1. I really enjoyed 'Fire at St Paul's' in the King's Empire section. All the KE characters were great, as was Barbet. Living in and near London all my life, it was really interesting to imagine the places I know well being decimated by portals, other-worldly water, and monstrous Hordes. Plus Edmonton is a badass! I went for Abyssinia in the KS but I can't help feeling that as I'm British, I missed a trick. Oh well, I'll just have to buy more models 🤩
  2. These are my bases. Not the greatest pics but you get the idea I wanted a grasslands area but one that was more bare due to it being very well trodden. perhaps where there are constant border skirmishes.
  3. Mine arrived today Luckily my wife was in so Yodel didn't leave it outside. According to the sticker it came from Wayland Games, so no wonder it was late Very happy with the models! So glad I don't have to assemble all this stuff!
  4. I'll give that a go. Thanks for the hint and gtz on getting your email 😁
  5. I'm not being funny, but did I miss an apology about delays this week? The last update I see on Kickstarter is the 9th, which was the week before. In the spirit of your above post about not trying to pick a fight: I'm not sure what your expectations of a company are if you consider Wyrd going to great lengths to keep customers updated, but I think it's been pretty poor with regards shipping. The biggest issue I have is not the length of time i'm having to wait but, as @Chou said, being left in the dark. Splitting the updates into 'domestic' and 'rest of the planet' is not a great way to do things considering the size of the 'rest of the planet' and the numerous shipping hubs there must be. I've backed a couple of international kickstarters that have been fulfilled this year and they both had sections of the updates dedicated to the regions they were fulfilling. I would be infinitely happier if Wyrd came out with something like 'Europe - there are delays in shipping to backers but they are hoping to get them sent out soon', but we've had nothing for 10 days after the update that 'The Other Side has Launched!'
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