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  1. So, simply put this came up while trying to figure out if actions generated from abilities are able to generate more actions via triggers or the like, specifically in the case of The Frenzy's ability. The Versatile ability on so many Asset cards specifies that you can use the actions on the card Once per Activation, however, in the case of the Alpha Crawler's Multi-limbed Asset card, the Clawed Hands action has the "Reckless Assault" trigger, which is to discard a reinforcement token to take the action again. The Versatile ability effectively makes this trigger impossible to put into effect, as you can only take the action Once per Activation. There are no rules for triggers that let them ignore the "Once per" wording on page 22. More Examples are the Massive Furnace Asset for the Dreadnought, and the Gatling Machine Gun Asset for the King's Hand. I assume it wasn't intended to give actions impossible triggers, so I would suggest that the errata that will eventually come out changes the Versatile ability's first line to "Actions on this card may only be taken once during a unit's activation, unless generated by triggers." or some such wording as this would still leave the action's triggers effected by the "Additional Actions" box on page 23. Unless I'm missing something... am I missing something?
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