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  1. 8 minutes ago, Strangely Brown said:

    @Joachim these look fantastic, congratulations!

    Can you tell me the technique you used for the emissary's robes? It looks exactly what I wanted to achieve on my Gaki.


    Well done once again, lovely work.

    Thanks man,

    That is indeed what i also did for my gaki, ill post a picture if you want. I paint the robe in a very light brownish gray. Basically white with a toch of black and a touch of reddish brown. I then highlight it up to pure white.

    Finally, i apply thinned down sepia ink and whipe it down with a piece of paper towel. This way you wipe the ink off of the higher surfaces. Wiping also creates a really dirty effect. You'll to apply ink 2 or 3 times though. The first time the result is kind off disappoiting as the ink only sticks well to the surface the 2nd application.


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  2. Looks good, indeed the edges of the green stuff are a bit sloppy and make the wood seem less like wood.

    To get the impression that its floorboard you need very straight and flat surface. I usually use balsa wood strips which I cut to size and scratch with a metal brush.

    It gives a great effect. You need to use watered down wood glue to seal the wood though, in order to paint it. The only disadvantage is that it is more fragile, but I don't see any issues if it is just used like you would. 

    I made a base for a cyclops where he is crushing a wooding path and planks are flying everywhere, it looks good, but it's quite difficult to transport.

    Greetings, Joachim. 

  3. @sagrit


    I agree that there are quite a bit of restrictions on it. Though it is a passive aura and the fact that the opponent has to adjust to it already means its impacting your game. You cant keep everything in the aura, but if you summon hanged for example they should be. 

    I also sometimes throw izamu into the fray and then move within 6". It's all a bit situational. I never really bank on getting ikyrio out, but I try to position so that my biggest threats are within the aura.

    Lost love also has a 1 action to place btb with a henchman within 12". Great for bringing that aura to archie, asura roten, datsu ba, anna lovelace.

    All in all, don't work too hard to get ikyrio out. If you put the aura on some threats then the opponent has to makr choices. My philosophy is that the more choices the opponent has to make, the more chance he makes a bad one. And also a 6 aura is no that small, so you can easily get several models in there at a time.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Cedar said:

    Usually it comes down to Unforgiven/Bloody shears (always one of those and in 90% of games I'm taking Unforgiven) and Spirit Beacon as staples. Then you have either Absorb Spirit (good upgrade if you're running datsue ba), Swirling Spirits (good upgrade if you want to play entourage on Kirai), Ectoplasm (tricky to use) or Maniacal laugh (for free activations and summoning battery). 

    Why are you taking bloody shears? It seems so underwhelming.


    Edit: Ok, forgot it had accomplice, that makes sense then in case you really need that.

  5. I want to give this topic a new twist rather than starting a new topic.


    I'm playing a game with Kirai tomorrow and I'm going to try out some different upgrades. What do you guys normally take on Kirai upgradewise (if any) and does anyone use swirling aether? It sounds like a great mobility tool, an 8+ inch place is rather nice indeed. Nevertheless it costs 2ss, so I'm not sure if it's worth it. You're also giving up a seishin summon and a 5 of masks to get it off.

    Also does anyone have experience with the wave 5 upgrades?

  6. @Sagrit Asura is also not a model you want to place far forward as she is very squishy. She does so much it is all a bit situational. If I really need her zombie then indeed the marker has to be closer to Kirai. I hired Asura with the emissary and datsu bah. They all summon stuff I can summon off and that doesn't dictate my activation order and positioning that much. Agreed, that is a list very focussed on overrunning the opponent with cheap models and summons. It will depend on the game. I have also played a different Kirai crew.

    Imho if the opponent spends 1 ap killing a mindless zombie it is often worth it. And you never know he wiffs and waists more. Even then it'll drop a corpse marker that the crew can use.

  7. 23 minutes ago, whodares said:

    You also forgot Asura's markers can give a ton of TN 14 (or something like that) duels which is a great hand drain.

    It pings one damage if im not mistaken and its a wp14 duel, so pretty difficult, pinging damage is always great.


    Asura does so many things its easy to forget stuff.

  8. 7 minutes ago, Sagrit said:

    Its hard to say what else useful actions can Asura do in Kirai crew... 

    She gives you zombies for summoning.

    One of the strongest things on her card is that she makes every zombie or other undead model hit quite hard.

    She has an attack action which is quite a good debuff.

    Don't worry, Asura does plenty useful for 8ss :). I'm absolutely sure that @whodares will agree.


    And again, Asura is living, so another way to surround Kirai with nothing but living and undead models so you can't easily avoid malevolence.

  9. 27 minutes ago, whodares said:

    Is there still any point in bringing summoning anchors when you can just plop in Asura Rotten and get a free Mindless Zombie per Turn? Seishin are also pretty free to summon if you bring in a Goryo, so that option also exists.

    Indeed, I'm convinced you can play Kirai with just the seishin for summoning, but then you'll need datsue bah with my little helper to get you going.

    You're not summoning 3 models a turn off seishin this way, but I also don't think that's the way to go most of the time. Kirai also supports her crew pretty nicely so there's other stuff she can do. 

    I don't see any need to summon off your own non-peon models. Some exceptions, sometimes you'll want to actually kill your own models to deny schemes, or depending on kirai's upgrades for scheme markers, or if you really need a summon somewhere that you can't get otherwise.

    I agree that archie doesn't have obvious synnergy with Kirai, though I think people sometimes overdo it and try and find nice synnergy, interactions, tricks between all models in the crew. Synnergy is great, but can't go wrong with 3 min 4 damage attacks is what I'm thinking. The fact that Archie uses corpse markers makes it a bit easier in a Kirai crew as you don't use them. But also don't forget that Kirai really likes hiring living or undead models for malevolence. So don't forget that Kirai gives Archie another layer of "protection". People are not going to want to ignore him, meaning they also can't avoid getting Ikyrio thrown in their face (even multiple times a turn possibly).

    Archie will suffer from the fact that Izamu exists and costs 3ss less and is a spirit as well as undead. Izamu is probably the more efficient choice, but I will try out both some more before really having a strong opinion. Archie is quite a bit more resilient though, especially if the opponent has ways to ignore armor.

    For now I'm really excited for trying out lampads. I think they're risky models, but they have a very high payoff and I really like them on paper.

  10. 2 hours ago, Tors said:

    Buy. Just ordered Gencon Stuff and some more miniatures via LGS. M3E could be a year ahead and as long as i have fun painting and playing them in the meantime there is no money wasted.

    True, we don't know exactly when it will drop, and if it is a year, I'm not going to not paint for a year. What I am doing is focussing a bit more on the model itself, so stuff I really want to paint, rather than how they work with the crew etc.

  11. Hello guys,


    I've started a Kirai crew a while ago as I really liked her crews aesthetics. I recently purchased Archie as I'm always attracted to the big (aka expensive) models.

    I just wanted to ask how different people play Kirai, I haven't played a lot of games with her, but so far I really like datsu bah and Izamu. They're so much synnergy there with Kirai.

    I wanted to ask if people play Archie with Kirai and how he fits into the crew. It looks like he benefits from the fact that Kirai doesn't use corpse markers like a lot of other resser masters do.



  12. I think having extra rewards (not necessarily a price attached) can help a lot.

    This way competitive players (nothing wrong with that) can go for the optimized lists (and I believe every faction can field some very competitive lists.

    Including a price like the iron scorpion for playing 5 different masters in 5 games is great.

    A price for best painted.

    Best sportsmanship.

    Again, maybe something for running 80 or 90% keyword crews, etc.


    I feel that as long as there's something for everyone to enjoy, a couple of very strong lists shouldn't really be an issue. 

  13. 3 minutes ago, TeddyBear said:

    @tmod I think it's definitely an "automatic out activation" let us take as an example Reva, she's not a summoner: discard a card, for one candle + asura + emissary, are always 3 more models for turn, if this isn't automatic out activation, i don't know what is..😜



    You're taking 18ss for 2 models to do this, so as long as the opponents has cheap stuff/free stuff/summoning itself, it's far from automatic, but it helps.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, TeddyBear said:

    by the way people.. 1 more mindless zombie a turn for me is always 1 more activation..😆 you can't say that asura don't help in this way.. same speech for emissary.. are two free activation for turn..😉

    That's actually what I did to @whodares last weekend. 2 mindless zombies a turn is nice, especially when they hit hard. I bring them for the summoning, but with asura roten your zombies become powerfull offensive tools. And the emissary is still a very solid model without the zombie summoning.

  15. On 5/5/2018 at 8:52 PM, whodares said:
    1. Kentauroi

     This card alone is pretty much 3 models stuffed in a single card and then made summonable.


    1. Lampad

    Charging an enemy would grant you 2 damage and 4 burning guaranteed with a possible (0) action giving another burning. 


    I see your point of view. Though I think by putting things in extremes it kinda thrumps your arguments.

    It's not because you can do multiple things that you're 3 models. Kentauroi are very strong and the problem is that nico can summon them and they can charge the same turn, kill themselves and provide 2 corpses, or alternatively provide nico with crazy mobility. That in my opinion is a bit over the top as a summoners weakness should be a slow start and limited mobility as he's using his ap to summon. The window to attack nico has just become a lot smaller, though not impossible by any means. I think that if they would have been enforcers, or not been able to summon it would be fine. Cause if he hires one, that at least replaces another model.

    About the lampad, I think they're absolutely not op. I thought they were strong from the start. It is a typical high risk high reward model. When you get the summon that's a huge swing in your favor, if you don't, it's an easy 7 or 8ss to remove from the board. 

    Also, how is a charge with ml6 guaranteed to hit twice. It is by definition not guaranteed, as you need to flip cards ;):).

    In conclusion I feel the balance in malifaux is pretty good, especially compared to some other games where some op list dominates. Yes, nico is extremely strong at the moment, but the same could be said about sandeep or hamelin. 

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  16. 2 hours ago, WWHSD said:

    She may not normally be the best way to spend 6 points but if you want an Asian themed crew I think your only options are Jaakuna or an Oiran if you want to add a lure to the crew. Of those two, I think Jaakuna is probably the stronger choice.

    That is true, thematic crews are underrated, especially in friendly games.

    Honestly, I think there should be a mechanic rewarding keyword hiring. But that's a whole other discussion.


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  17. 1 minute ago, thatlatinspeakingguy said:

    You don't hire them primarily as scheme runners. You hire them as shooting multipliers or abusers of various unique actions: they do they job on turn one or two, and after that they mainly do schemes or kill your opponent's low-df beaters with their own attacks.

    Very true,

    you bring them for other jobs, but they're extremely flexible. 

  18. They're a wk5 significant model with a (0) to get some rather nice movement. Tbh, the fact that theyre 4ss and summonable, even without their (0) they're at least decent scheme runners. Remember, you can also place into base with an enemy and even blink through walls and other models.

    I've once used this to blink towards a friendly model so I was in range to place a sheme marker next to my setup target for the full points. Also I've used them to blink towards other scheme runners and hold them up. 

    You also get them very easily if you have the emissary (especially with titania).

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