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  1. Probably all the masters have a soulstone cost,the image of Rasputina has a 14 cost...
  2. Perdita is considered a easy Master to play,beacause she has DF and Wp7. Obviously she isn't easy,beacause she has only 10 wound and no defensive trigger against Ca or Mi. Actually Papa Loco and Santiago aren't competitive, especially Papa Loco. In my 2 lasts game I play Nino but she always died without do nothing, against Gremlins is died the first turn on the first activation... Good models with her are Abuela (but I never run she with her),Francisco(obligatory),the nephilim, and 2 Monster Hunter. On the firsts 2-3 turn you need absolutely Francisco that put Df9 and wp 9 on Perdita,then I tend to fire heavy on first turn only if there is a chance to put pression on enemy Master or if I'm certain to kill a model,you need a good hand to do this beacause her damage is not very high wit only 2 of minimum. The Problem of Perdita is the very low caches you need to build a crew with at least 8 models and at least 5 soul stone... Obligatory upgrade are "fastest drawn in Malifaux" and "Trick Shooting", "Witched Bullet " on card is very good but every time (EVERY TIME,ALWAYS) that I buy it ,When I use it I flip the black joker, so I've stopped to buy it.
  3. Thank you ,seems hard to play this list,then I miss Moleman ,Cojo and the bear...
  4. Are outed in last time good setup for Kaeris ?Or she is useless like in GG17?
  5. There are too much match when a Melee Sonnia die very quick,especially without Francisco...Her damage output is very low...Without Francisco you have 3 Ap With Mi7 and Df4 or 3 with Mi5 and Df4...with 2/3/5 damage(and burning ok,But is a condition and can be removed)...
  6. Yeah yeah surely,I ‘m not repeating that Guild is junk,nor Sonnia. In that case I think that probably McCabe can be more efficient than Sonnia with GG18.
  7. For example if a model Died and drop a marker ,the ability triggers,but at the end of the turn I think like you ,that this ability can’t be used
  8. I see she in hands by people that win lot of tournaments... tournaments all won with other factions.
  9. During the activation of each model you can push a model if they drop a marker. for example if a master drop 2 scheme you can push only one time .
  10. Yeah Sonnia can make little target die every turn.But Reva can easy Kill a Big henchmen or a master every turn. With a mobility that Sonnia (and none other Guild masters) can only dream with his move 4.
  11. I see a good player play she. yeah you can put 20 more damage only against an opponent that seeing she take anyway his models all near with each other .... Sonnia is good but isn’t too much resilient... And she do a 2/3/5 damage only...with a Francisco tax of 10 points and with a 2 cards discarded each turn for another tax,obligatory. I’m not saying that she is weak,clearly,I say that for what you pay to make she work,she is’nt too much strong...especially when charged with Mi5 and DF 4...
  12. Yeah,Zipp need a nerf surely. Reva too with her crazy range (he can run 25 “ in a turn and make 3 attacks that cannot be reduced and prevented,choosing where stat hit). So guys,my last question ,do you win most of the time or do you draw most of the time ?
  13. You have right I need more play,but last time I’ve founding a little boring play Malifaux,with a lot of opponent that can easy draw 9/10 card per turn,too much mobility,too much model that can do damage without reduction (Hoffman say that enemy cannot ignore Armor,his defensive trigger is not an armor,so for example Zipp or Reva can Kill him easily ,and the run away with their impressive movement)... For example the last game I do against gremlins was boring and traumatic when I lose Nino at first enemy activation on first turn,lose a monster hunter on first enemy activation on second turn...then 10 models with lot of mobility that can go out of los e place scheme to make point. Anyway I consider my self a good player,with Colette,Kaeris and Ironsides logfaux tell me a 83% ratio win( all in GG17) and in Gg 18 I play only Guild and I’ve a 66% ratio of win. Maybe I ‘m only bored to fight with master like Zipp,Reva or Nicodem that are too much overpower...
  14. Yeah We probably have better master,stand alone,but I ‘ve found that other factions as more sinergy within models,better scheme runner,better non-master beater ecc ecc.Do you use Dita,Sonnia or LJ without Francisco?
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