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  1. harakis83

    Some ideas for improving the app

    I don't see why you consider that having a better laid out information is "not thinking". If you prefer printed cards it's totally understandable. Personally however I don't mind using some technology to sort the options out for me (like eligible upgrades etc) and give me the updated cards when they come out, instead of re-printing them. I do agree on the henchmen /enforcer /minion separation though.
  2. harakis83

    My five cents about how to improve the app

    Totally agree with you with all the points, especially with point no 1. It seems that the app has been created a bit hasty, but it gets better and better with the updates. Let's hope wyrd hears its fans 😀
  3. harakis83

    Some ideas for improving the app

    Hello, I decided to post this message as I suppose people from wyrd usually check those forum in order to give some of my ideas of improving the app. I have been using it in my games because it is quite difficult for me to get the upgrade cards and following with the errata. Not to mention the great feature that the upgrades are automatically listed on the appropriate part (attacks, tactics) Here are some points that in my opinion would be a great improvement to an overall good app : 1) when viewing the crew list in the in-game view, having the basic stats visible without having to click on the model itself (wlk, chg, def, wp etc) 2) change the font size and style (or at least give the choice to change them in settings) : if using a tablet or a not very old smartphone the screen most likely is big enough so as to fit practically the whole list of powers. Fonts on the actual cards are 4-5 times smaller and more distinct, why not use similar ones for the app? I think it would streamline the games if all the powers were visible without clicking on them each time we want to read them (yes, I'm the kind of person who doesn't remember them by heart 😁). A great example is the way powers are portrayed in the war room app for warmachine /hordes 3) if an upgrade improves a stat, having that improvement visible directly would be great (if an upgrade adds +1 wp for exemple) Thanks for taking the time to read this!