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  1. That's probably because he isn't guild anymore. He is 10t/Explorers
  2. Nocturnes can Displace English Ivan if he is within a shadow marker or a model with Born of Shadow. To move him 3" and give him distracted, which is good for Ivan.
  3. The trigger, I will have to assume it will either be Cadmus only to give poision (cause spiders and the elemental backlash the Spelleaters have on the front) Or some sort of simple duel for a parasite token. I cant imagine it will just be free like the burning if it is a token.
  4. So if the model has a parasite token on it. Stat7 1/3/4 Siphon power with we are legion to ping both, Declare rams to siphon life. Attack is now 3/5/6 Discard a card or get parasite token. Which makes it Discard a card or take 2 irreducible. Seems decent. Not to mention all the other silly things imaginable. Can't wait.
  5. Where does Hinamatsu and her keyword(s) shine? I'm looking at her being one of my go to leaders and I'm interested to see what she is good at.
  6. Oooh. I saw that and couldn't figure out what it was. I am interested in it, ngl.
  7. So...He is Dua key word? But works with Umbra models? Unless there is a messup somewhere.
  8. They did good. This was a tiny detail that was going to send me over the mood about this model and they knocked it out of the park for me.
  9. I find in my NB games, with Marcus and Dreamer, to have no problems. Dreamer has so many pushes to get nightmares up the board, the web marker teleports, and summoning on something, killing it, and the new model can go scheme after if need be. Marcus, you have molemen and even cerberus who can become amazing schemers after they kill a model or two. But thats arcanist models brought in. I also think that while Savage will be another killing keyword, they have some very interesting movement and scheme marker potential.
  10. Idk for TT, but I know Rezzers Yan Lo enjoys bringing archie and giving him Manos' reliquary so that when he discards to come back to life, he also heals 1/2/3 because of fading brain freeze. In 10t, the upgrades are probably more pertinent to Yan Lo?
  11. So Silent Knight will have a Silent Knight card of course, BUT. Will he come with 2 Blood Sacrifice cards with the Silent Knight on them instead of Killjoy?
  12. Besides bringing 2 cerberus, what do you find you are hiring? What is Myranda transforming into? What upgrades do you put where?
  13. Misery and how does it work! Well today, we have an amazing answer for you! We still don't fucking know ourselves. So with that out of the way. Misery. There are so many different ways to interpret it. But how do we think it actually works till FAQ happen? A) A model between Pandora, Candy, and a sorrow gains stunned. The model is surrounded by 3 misery abilities and they all proc, making the model's owner choose which misery to use. The other two become unusable for the rest of the activation due to their Once Per clause. B) A model between Pandora, Candy, and a sorrow gains st
  14. Walking Dead: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as a Corpse Marker. If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker. Cremation: Target a Corpse Marker. Drop a 50mm Hazardous (Burning +1) Pyre Marker in base contact with the target, then remove the target. Funeral Pyre: After this model kills another model, it may Drop a 50mm, Hazardous (Burning +1) Pyre Marker in base contact with the killed model. How do these 3 abilities work together? You target a zombie or candle with cremation, make the pyr
  15. I absolutely agree that there needs to be some in keyword beater or ranged blight option. It feels like the rats are in a good place, the Kings, the Catchers, even the stolen and wretch. I also cant comment on Nix but overall, Hamelin feels like he kept around his out activate you playstyle without being m2e's cancer of the rat engine. He is more in on the blight and harassing the opponents options and actions which I love. He truly feels like a control master except one thing. How does he end the game? It feels so difficult for him to deal with the opponent's models if they are fast and st
  16. Eheheheheheh, EHEHEHEHEHEHEH. THANK YOU BASED WYRD GODS. BUT PLEASE..... Don't fuck this up by making him have df4 or something dumb...
  17. I think another problem is that Arcanists have a problem about having "The best model at this slot" and no reason to run anything else. Joss, Howard, Mages, Acolytes. When going through we just have a hard time justifying anything else unless it has extreme synergy with the crew at those SS levels. We have a lot of "This is the best no reason to bring anything else" models. I'd like to see more models that at those ss costs give us a different option of similar power but maybe have different reasons to bring them.
  18. Archie's Hulking Leap places him within 3in. But awesome. Good to know.
  19. I just need to clarify some rules and I'm too lazy to try to search through everything for them. For leaps, including Archie's hulking leap, when you place the model within the set amount of inches, does the entire base need to be within? Or only part? Same thing with effects that place markers, like Seamus' Sebastian Baker 0 to place a marker within 12". Is that fully within the 12, or just partially? I've just heard conflicting answers at this point and I'd rather just get it solved.
  20. Well as Adran said in my other post. Do you want to have fun with Burning, or do you want to win? Because apparently we can't have both (Rezzers mcmourning).
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