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  1. I love it when Nathan posts. You just tell it as it is and don't beat around the bush. I can respect that. Don't always have to agree with it (though this time I do the drama was stupid) but I do respect it. Personally I have loved the iron painter. I am a very slow painter and have used it the last couple years to push myself and get things done while trying to improve my skills. Am I great? hell no but I put something in every round and some pushed harder than others. It is a unique contest this way that is pretty cool to partake in.
  2. I am guessing the mass of work needed for M3E has sucked the life out of the office like a soulstone. Maybe once things slow down we might see it?
  3. I think this about sums it up. If you want an example of pay to win you can go chase the 40K meta and come back and tell us how it goes. Side note: Most M2E tournies I played in there 2 master 1 faction only. With the keyword system you are even more limited than you where before so hitting that pay2win threshold of getting the best models in faction is greatly reduced. All in all Malifaux is less pay2win and cheaper to be competitive than ever before.
  4. Those companies also have the capital and cash flow to have stock made well in advance. I have a feeling Wyrd doesn't have the cash flow to do that and I am sure the M3E leak made it even worse. I am sure they are doing fine but for a company that doesn't like to nickle and dime nor screw over their customers I would like to see them doing even better so these bottle necks in releases could be solved.
  5. No one has brought up that the chinese trade war if not directly effecting manufacturting is likely holding things up in shipping. I remember hearing they had some shipments held up in customs a long while back and that is before all this blew up. If I remember correctly looking at my Basse crew sprews is that they are moving shipping outside of China. That could have all sorts of increased costs and delays that I wouldn't wish on any company. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they are doing all they can. My local store has dwindled all its M2E supply and I am hoping they don't lose that shelf space due to lack of M3E items.
  6. I am hoping so too. I was looking at some files in my dropbox and there was a link to some game helpers from 2 years ago for the beta
  7. Log into your webstore account and you can look up your purchase history.
  8. Ohh forgot about the awesome map. I want a poster of that.
  9. I am guessing the Core rule PDF will only be different from the free one by the inclusion of fluff? Wondering if it is worth the effort on your end for me to submit it.
  10. Molds are really really really expensive. When you are not on a GW scale and have it all in house it is tough to justify the cost. Since with all the trade wars you would likely now be looking outside of china for manufacturing I am sure that cost goes up even higher. I have no idea what sales are on the current stuff but I am sure once it is paid off and they see a market trend they can see if it is worth putting more into.
  11. That is my guess too. It is not likely they have to deal with backorders that often as the webstore would normally not let you buy it if it was not in stock.
  12. Some really great work there for sure. You must have run out of grey paint for sure
  13. I wouldn't mind an office post just so I can link it when it is posted every 5 minutes on the facebook group. Last I heard they where having issues getting more of the old style bases (my bet is the mold is in China and trade war and all).
  14. I got my package before I even for the shipping email lol
  15. I am fully filling to wait if you know you got any more of those archies coming in soon (Still pissed at myself for not checking if they where back in stock when the sale started). Ps shipping also sucks coming into Canada. Might as well wait and ship as one order.
  16. So I am guessing the cloning of @Kimberly has so far only been successfully achieved once? Might have to get the good doctor to double his efforts.
  17. Looks like you added a ton of cards for old M1E metal models. I really appreciate this as it shows you still value customers that have older models and not just those with all the shiny new stuff. Though I didn't see any of the old metal witchling stalker cards but that is ok as I don't think they have any digital artwork. Still a couple old models that have yet to have their fate decided by cards (rest of dead justice and The wild ones) but I am ok to wait on those.
  18. Did you use GW contrast paints? Looks good. I don't think the pose is all the wrong. Only looks like she is leaning a little too far back.
  19. After seeing the new scuplts for all angles I like the new lady J better than the M2E version. https://reclusestudio.art/projects/Vd43b4
  20. I can't wait. It seems like I really like signing Wyrd NDA's lol
  21. There are a couple youtube videos that are likely worth looking into. I know Guerilla Miniature Games has one and I am sure there are others. Most of all, just ask questions, lots of helpful people around.
  22. I forget where I saw the picture but there has been some comparisons already. The corners are more rounded and it doesn't have the gloss coat. Nothing that is the end of the world and it is to be expected from different manufactures. There where similar issues with M2E cards but the wyrd ones never had the high gloss that they do now.
  23. Well maybe if we are lucky when they are done doing all the alt cards they will do a print run of the better quality cards. Not holding my breath or bashing Wargame Vault but they just don't make the same quality (or even shape) of the new cards.
  24. I would be fine with playing on a table like that. Sure it could use a bit more but not much. Sometimes theme and setting are more important than having a perfect 1/3rd table of terrain.
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