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  1. Derp one of those things I should have got around too. I don't play dirty archanists anyways 😛 I am interested to see what else you have cooking though
  2. Since I own tons of old sculpts I usually just start with the model on the card before deployment. Sure it can be confusing for some people due to so many models but it really should be easy to clear up during a game. If someone goes around lying what some off converted model is they should be shun from their local groups anyways.
  3. Finally found something in the size I wanted so I rushed mine out tonight
  4. Thanks for clearing that up. Might want to pin that somewhere though. I thought it would be thematically cool to have a model throw a idol knowing they will die but I can see why you wouldn't want that.
  5. Just looking at the again seemed to work. I made then well offline if that helps you troubleshoot. Either way keep up the great work.
  6. Well it is no much more than retail for either box.
  7. Alley cats are missing the front of their cards and vintage mcmourning is missing the back of his card.
  8. I bought one empire box for a good price and have the option of buying a second. Is such a thing a good idea for the extra models? Would they all be used in a full game? Please inform poor TOS uninformed me.
  9. Google: Malifaux: Imps - Catacomb Prowlers Basically waldo already.
  10. The fact Waldo has an account is horrendously hilarious.
  11. Waldos thoughts on pumpkin spiced lattes?
  12. Might have not been a lot as I bet everyone didn't buy all the faction books so the stories are split up. Not that I am complaining as I think it is a good idea. I am sure as everyone gets them in their hands and finds time to read them (like myself) more will be asked. I really enjoyed the stories and lore updates in the main rule book. They were well thought out and a great update/refresher on the whole Malifaux timeline.
  13. Suggestion: When you are playing a game and you are summoning using the reference cards. You can change which card it is by clicking on the name and using the dropdown but when you go back to the main screen to add the card it just has the base name and not the number. When you add the card it shows the number in your list. If it showed the number on the list you could remember which model to add to the table. Also I noticed if say you have witchling stalker and witchling stalker 3 in your list and you add a 3rd and final one. It doesn't by default add witchling stalker 2. Not many people have more than 1 of the exact same models so it would be nice if it did it automatically (though not as easy for cards that have lots of alts).
  14. He has demise so he would damage and burn anything around him when he dies.
  15. True. Guess we will have to see in the next couple days.
  16. I haven't noticed an issue on my android devices and I just bought a hires tablet with no issue. Maybe an apple issue?
  17. My money is now on Wyrd doing the exact opposite and making the porter British just to mess with everyone. All the stories involve some colour but off the top of my head I don't think they are ever done in a negative light. With any creative work that has some bases in reality there is always going to be some comparison. For myself I see the whole setting as a fair twist on our reality with some common tropes that make it relatable to the masses.
  18. Top right corner of the thread. Hit the follow button and change from there.
  19. Ohh I am glacier slow too so I get that for sure. Personally I enter not to win but for the one time to push myself to finish at least something that I think is cool. So even after I get knocked out I try to at the very least get a model done for that round and there is some incentive to do so. We are actually lucky to have a company that will support their community this way in the prizes and manpower while not even having it mandatory to use their models only.
  20. This being the internet we should actually be proud this didn't turn into a total dumpster fire. No company is perfect. There was outcry over the easter viks model that she was too scantly clad. Personally I had no issue with it. If I didn't like it I didn't have to buy it. Do I think they should not do one again? Nope never hurts to cater to all types which their range of models does really well. Their models come in all shapes and sizes. The good thing these days is you have a choice. Yes you can use that choice to be offended by everything that doesn't agree with your view. You can choice so say there is pages and pages of messages here disagreeing with you. You can choice to ignore that some actually agreed with you. In short you can choice to be you. So you go do you. Luckily this isn't some other community that didn't even attempt to discuss the topic. Is everything perfect? nope. The world is an imperfect place.
  21. Personally I don't get this whole thread at all. Complaining about made up off variation cultures in a whole world that is made up. Its a game not some commentary on all cultures around the world. If you are offended, that's ok, you do you boo. But to think that Wyrd is doing it in any negative context it ridiculous. They have a model line that encompasses all shapes and sizes and doesn't single out anyone or anything. Sure they use some tropes and silent real world homages but nothing that is malicious. Hell most are really well thought out.
  22. Out of my own curiosity why wouldn't you participate? I have found it a great motivator to get some stuff painted myself. I may not be the best but sometimes it is good to get out of that comfort zone.
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