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  1. Cool liking figures. I am of mixed feelings on posting of other companies models on Wyrds forums though. I bet most of use play more than one game and to my knowledge Wryd hasn't said to not post such things; but I sort of feel it is a disservice to their IP. On another note if someone saw these and didn't know what game they where from they maybe disappointed not to find them on Wyrds site. Just my $0.02.
  2. Ha that is the first thing I thought of too. He needs to have a triangle on his cart *gong*
  3. Call it the "Steppen on up" upgrade. Not a bad idea as it would be nice to see more alt sculpts or even more parts on sprews to change models up a bit so everyone's don't look exactly the same.
  4. I like the mechanical arm. There is fluff pertaining to the "rental" of mechanical limbs as they are powered by soulstones. So don't pay your debt for your new arm and someone will come a knocking.
  5. I ordered one box for a friend recently and it had a promotion from last year. Free bonus that made him happy. I bet they just make a certain number of them and out they go.
  6. If all you wanted was feedback you just needed to ask I love them and even wish they where more often though I can see that being a resource hog for the company. Since they are all available free online I have a collection of them all. Now I just need to find time to go back and read them all through again. It would be nice to have the scenarios in separate PDF's to catalog them for use though. I think the more fun fluffy scenarios to play the better.
  7. The concept is bad or the artist is? I think the execution of both models are perfect. You have the tall female snobbish looking guild investigator and the short stubby "I am stealing this body" looking one. I think both fit into the guild look while adding some variations. I like that both where not of the same height as not all people are. Seeing the changes done digitally are incredible as I would not be able to do such things other than cut and paste. Keep up the good work Wyrd.
  8. I think it would be an awesome idea for Wyrd but it seems like they already have a ton on their plate. I am sure as they will grow we will get lots more alt sculpts to sink our money into.
  9. I used a dremel 194 cutting bit. It is flat on the end so it makes a nice flat hole. Make sure you put the hole off center as it will be a lot easier to pull off without breaking the model. I then use an allen key or something else metal to hold the magnet flush with the bottom of the base. Super glue in place and hit it with accelerator and all should be good. I use one magnet per 30mm base, 1 for 40mm plastic models, 2 per 50mm. Sometimes you will need to add an extra magnet if they are metal like lots of mine are.
  10. New alt models look awesome, give us more! Since my daughter absolutely loves cats and I just started collecting Hamelin's crew it looks like I will be buying that too.
  11. These are interesting as I have been following them for awhile. Will have to see what pricing is like.
  12. I like the idea but I think you need to pull some out of the upper torso to pull off the scale. Just looks wrong otherwise. If you cut out the belt section it would be about right. Then just sculpt a new one and the end of the suspenders. I like to see more people kit bashing. I wish malifaux figures came with more options as there is usually lots of extra room on the sprews.
  13. For big flat molds like that you can brush one the first layer to avoid air bubbles. Then pour into one point and let it flow over the rest. Sure looks cool. Matches the cobblestone of all my bases.
  14. And the Witchling Thralls? Odd that models that where available almost a year ago are still not out. (Though I got my thralls on black friday.)
  15. One of mine is going to be white with with spots... so you can see spot run. I was looking for another 28mm scale great Dane to use as Scooby Doo too.
  16. Turn Kyle into plastic then he will satisfy our need for more plastic models... for a short time!
  17. Back on topic, what else do you all thinks need buffing or cuddling? Personally I think Reva needs some cuddles. After seeing a buddy destroy everyone with his Reva list in our last tournament even he was quick to point out how OP she can be and that there really isn't much of a counter for corpse counters everywhere.
  18. Only if you are going to spam lots of them is it helpful. Some consider them to be one of the worst models. Then there is the fact you have to be 6" away which either puts him in range for buffing back line riflemen or up close and cuddly with the enemy. Add to that fact that the 0 upgrade takes up a upgrade slot and you have not much to work with. I love my guardsman models but at this point it looks like they will only collect dust.
  19. Funny we wrote this at the exact same time
  20. Since we seem to have more harmony within the guild why not remove the non-austringer condition from Captain Dashel's Ready!Aim!? This would bring a lot more synergy back to an all guardsman list and give Dashel that boost that his 0 point upgrade really didn't give him.
  21. The guild cuddles are disappointing but I can can understand papa locos cuddle although I don't think it was that OP. Fransisco I don't think it makes much of a difference as you would never bury him anyways. The Austringers cuddle hurts and I think they should have got a range 14 to make up for it. Now a fragile model has to sit up front to do mediocre damage or stay back and just push things around. The last download of the PDF still had the scribe as not a minion for me. Will we be getting a version without the large errata watermark on both sides or will that be for the Wargame Vault only? Edit: I love how the forums changed ne-rf to cuddles lmao
  22. Small error on the Krampus card in the 27th issue of the Chronicles. The setup lists a 40mm model while the card lists a 30mm.
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