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  1. I said it in closed beta and I say it again: Many people bought Alt Sculpt of T/G, because it was "truly neverborn style" and when they become to beta, they was upset because they can't hire the "Neverborn sculpt" to neverborn faction anymore. I can't understand why attachment of T/G more significant, then positive player experience (who bought alt sculpt)?
  2. Will the Neverborn book appear by the next summer or later?
  3. I already ordered a deck from the site, but I would be glad if I could learn about upgrades before a month later (slow delivery service). If someone knows anything, I would be happy.
  4. I want to join to this question. I was going to ask this question for a long time and I’m glad that there is an opportunity to do it now. I thought about volunteering or, to be exact, sending concepts of models (which took part in play tests if it is important) with constructive explanation of “why these abilities were chosen to this specific model”. I haven’t an opportunity to apply for this job because of my location but it is not a reason to hide these concepts. If they weren’t good enough – it wouldn’t be a problem. But what if they suggest to you a good idea? Would be good to know if it is possible.
  5. Recently I’ve got an idea of new model. I’m not totally convinced, but I suppose this model’s conception seems to be pretty balanced. It has a great synergy with the Brewmaster, Zoraida and Pandora. It may interrupt enemy models or push friendly ones. I’ve decided to post it on the forum because I hope that my idea has a chance to be heard by Tyrant if you like this conception. Sticky Frog 10SS Minion, Living, Rare 1 Swampfiend, Woe Df 5, Wp 5, Wd 10, Wk 5, Cg 7, Ht 2 Gremlins/Neverborn dual unit 50mm base Abilities Perfect Camouflage: Attacks generated by the Charge Action and Sh Actions receive while targeting this model if this model has not yet Activated this Turn. Hard to Wound +1: Damage flips against this model suffer . Poisonous Fog: Models which begin their Activation within this model’s engagement range gain Poison +1 condition. Stifling Smog: Enemy models with the Poison Condition which end their Activation within this model’s engagement range immediately suffer 2 damage and then lower their Poison Condition value by 1. Attack Actions (1) Sticky hug (MI 6 / Rst: Df / Rg 1): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. This attack gains to Disengagement strike. Slime: After damaging, the target receives the Poison +1 Condition. (1) Charming’s tongue (Sh 6 / Rst: Df / Rg: 6) Target suffers 1/2/3 damage and Poison +1 Condition. Kiss the prince: Push target in base contact to this model. Fall in love: After damaging, target gains Slow Condition. Obsessed by Passion: After damaging, target gains "Obsessed Condition: This model decreases it's Wp equal to amount of Poison Condition on it." Tactical Actions (0) Lazy Leap (Ca 6 / TN: 10): This model immediately moves up to 3/4/5, ignoring intervening terrain and models during the move. Joined at the hip: Before the moving every model within this model’s engagement range must pass a 14 Wk duel, or be placed in base contact to this model after succeeding this action and receive Poison +1 condition.
  6. Hm. But what if change Incorporeal to bullet proof +1?
  7. For example? Doppel maybe, but doppel OP by herself. Coppelius will cost a lot and can not raise his df by eye. Someone else?
  8. Hello there. A few days ago I thought up a conception of upgrade. I consider this is not a bad idea. If model gets the Incorporeal, it will usually lose of high Df. For example, the Hungering Darkness gains high Df, but has no benefits from the Incorporeal. Nekima or Teddy may become a big problem, however these models are pretty costly (at that, Nekima's Wp decreases). I suppose it a good idea, so I put it on there. (Maybe, If this one is really good, it comes to the notice of the Tyrant). Converting 2SS This model gains the following Abilities: Incorporeal: This model ignores, and is ignored by, other models and terrain during any movement or push. Reduce all damage this model suffers from Sh and Ml Attack Actions by half. Parity: Df and Wp becomes equal to this models Wk value. Df and Wp on this model cannot be increased by another abilities or conditions. Henchman or Enforcer, Rare 1
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