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  1. So I'm really interested in applying for the Henchman program. I really want to build the Malifaux scene in my local area. The question I had is, I see that a requierment for the program is having 2 fully painted crews. How would translucent/dayglo crews apply to that? I saw in the tournament rules for Gaining Grounds 2017 that non-grey plastic models are allowed unpainted, and I was curious if this also applies to the Henchman program. Thanks for any help.
  2. I'm actually just a little bit north of Nashville.
  3. The Dead Doxies were actually pretty difficult for me for some reason, considering the Necrotic Machine and the Gremlins I've built so far were pretty easy for me. Especially the one Doxie where you have to get her hand lined up with the slot in her head.
  4. Greeting all. I've been collecting and painting Malifaux minis for a little while, and have started to actually play the game in the past few months, with my primary faction being Ressers. I have plans of trying to become a Henchman, so I can can try to kick-start people playing Malifaux in my area, and get more people introduced to the game.
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