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  1. Update time. I haven't been able to do much lately, but I did manage to get the Orderlies done.
  2. Thanks, that was actually pretty easy. 2-1 mix of Nuln Oil with Army Painter Purple Tone. Just a couple coats over a white base, and voila. It's actually a bit darker than the photo, but a single coat may do it.
  3. Hi all, I am a brand new Malifaux player who just picked up the Starter Set. I'm not new to mini wargames in general but I just started branching out into a couple new games; namely Infinity and Malifaux. The faction I'll be focusing on will be Neverborn and I've already picked up the Pandora set. I still hope to add some Guild models to have two playable crews. But first up are the Starter set models to play the scenarios included. Right now I've got the Bloodwretches done and I have the Guild Orderlies on the table. Happy how they turned out and they were pretty easy to paint.
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