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  1. Well that made my sunday tnx Mike Wallace for that poetic nightmare. I will add that the reason i am anxious to know is that my group is wrapping up their current storyline and i am wondering if i can tease this in my epilogue.
  2. Hi signed up and ready! When will we know wheter or not we get to participate?
  3. Signed up as soon as i heard the good news.
  4. Hi first time poster here. I have been running Ttb for some time now and a month ago my players and i found a loophole of sorts. A Shapshifter who turns into a Jackalope is functionally immortal. While the jackalope is rather weak offensively this can be cadressed in many ways. Luckily my players are primarily roleplayers who play for the story and this incident was purely by accident. I would love to hear feedback or advice.
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