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  1. Malifaux 50SS Tournament. Gaining Grounds 2018 $10 Entry Fee (to go toward prize support) Date: Sunday, 22 APR 2018 Time: 11:00a - 7:00p Location: The Mighty Meeple // 8440 Pit Stop Ct., Concord, North Carolina 28027 The store is opening early (at 11am) on Sunday for the tournament. Everyone will have a chance to win something. Top 3 will receive store credit as well as best painted Enforcer! Other prizes to be planned. RSVPs on the Facebook event are appreciated
  2. MCOLL81

    Lucius has a freind?

    You’re right... I forgot about the Mimic and Guardsman clause in all of the excitement. Sometimes the mask/push is needed. Sometimes a heal will save the model. Sometimes a focus will kill theirs. Of course it's all situational, but trying to make the best use of your tools for the situation is part of the game. Does this gives me (and Lucius) another tool, I’m intrigued to find out.
  3. MCOLL81

    Lucius has a freind?

    Assassinate type pool, making someone else (Mimic or Guardsman) the sucker and Suprisingly Loyal the attack over to them (and Devils Dealing for the stone over to her if the sucker can’t take it), bringing the sniper (only using just one stone per turn on that)... I guess stoning for the ram in Issue Command... or the mask in What Lackeys are a For (another once per turn)... but yeah, I’m not sure I see him using that many stones that quickly under normal circumstances. Then again, handing out focus three times (or healing later in the game) and taking a sniper shot will kill her and could be beneficial and that could happen each turn.
  4. MCOLL81

    Lucius has a freind?

    That's fine, but you stated he stones for cards - it's not he - and in the same sentence say kill her (after saying stones for abilities). I'm just being clear to you or anyone reading this, Lucius does not stone for cards and therefore you cannot Devil's Deal off that card cycle. Otherwise, yes, she'll make an interesting battery. But since she does "re-spawn" back in deployment, it may be of limited use depending on where Lucius is on the table. But thank you for pointing this out. I'm eager to see it in action.
  5. MCOLL81

    Lucius has a freind?

    Lucius doesn't stone for cards. You stone for cards which means no Devil's Deal on stoning for cards. Otherwise, yes, it would appear you could Devil's Deal her dead and then bring her back in the Deployment... at the End of the Turn. So, unless she activated prior to Lucius, you would lose her activation that turn.
  6. MCOLL81

    Targeting illegal model effects

    Illuminated in Lynch crews do this all the time looking for those Aces Yes, it is legal.
  7. MCOLL81

    GG18 : passing strategy conditions

    I think it's safe to say this was already realized because in the final edit version I saw, there was an additional sentence added to each of these.
  8. MCOLL81

    Iconic Fate Deck

    The most recent Chronicles lists it as a January release.
  9. MCOLL81

    Hot take: Is 2018 the "Year of Thunder"?

    Someone had posted on AWP (Facebook group) a list of pre-orders and Gwyneth was listed as April. I do not know the original source of the information.
  10. MCOLL81

    Neverborn Lucius

    Been busying painting and playing Pandora... Purple Lucius and his purple minions will not be far behind
  11. New year, new game! Come out and learn how to play Malifaux. Demo the game and have your name entered in to win a prize at the end of the event. New year, new friends! Veterans of the game are also encouraged to come help with demos and will also be eligible to receive prizes in a separate raffle. Date: Sunday, 14 JAN 2018 Time: 1:00p - 5:00p Location: The Mighty Meeple // 8440 Pit Stop Ct., Concord, North Carolina 28027 Facebook Event - RSVPs appreciated
  12. MCOLL81

    Neverborn Lucius

    I was taking them in Guild with Lucius, so no Illuminated. Not every model needs to shine. Some just need to do their job. She does hers. And sometimes, given the Strats & Schemes and board state, that can make all the difference. The two are both interesting choices for Lucius though. The Performer does have an added bonus on her death in a Lucius crew since there is likely a Minion around to Reactivate. The Beckoner has the advantage of being able to be issued a command 6" further away from Lucius. Or if she is close to him, can use her additional wounds to soak up some more Devil's Deal damage - which can help alleviate some of the pain of paying 1SS more for the Beckoner.
  13. MCOLL81

    Neverborn Lucius

    I'll disagree, knowing I'm the odd one out on this one, as the general consensus is they're overcosted, but I've rarely been disappointed bringing in a Beckoner.
  14. MCOLL81

    Lucius - commanding presence.

    There is a corner case involving The Hanged that would allow Lucius to Commanding Presence the same model multiple times in one activation since Unrelenting Terror removes the immunity to Horror Duels.
  15. MCOLL81

    Lucius - advice for tournament

    Marker must have been placed within Thrall Aura (when placing marker; not after movement). If memory serves, Aura is 4". Lucius places marker. (Thrall within 4" of marker queues attack until after current action, WLAF, is completed) Lucius places. Target places. Thrall makes attack.