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  1. Exciting news! Quick question: Are dual faction Masters in each of the faction packs or assigned to one?
  2. Are you interested in learning to play Malifaux? Do you know how to play, but need help connecting with other players in the area (south Charlotte)? Do you like beer? 🍺 Come to Carolina Tabletop Games (CTTG) on Saturday, October 13th, between noon and 5pm, to learn to play, meet fellow players, and enjoy a cold beer on tap! Yes, CTTG is a game store and serves beer! Brilliant!! Participants will be able to enter a raffle to win a limited edition, translucent blue Rasputina crew box – “Children of December”. No purchase necessary. Liking beer is not a requirement. Buying the Henchman a beer will not improve your odds of winning... but it won't hurt your odds either... 🍻 Date: Saturday, 13 OCT 2018 Time: Noon - 5:00p Location: Carolina Tabletop Games // 315 Main St #1, Pineville, NC 28134, USA Facebook Event - RSVPs appreciated
  3. The Order Initiate is Chimera, but Marcus bio still includes reference to beast. *Bold and underline my emphasis.
  4. Not necessarily... They said models hired outside of their keyword will cost a penalty... that includes in faction models. So even IF keyword hiring didn't span across faction lines, there would still be a point to having them within faction. But I do think (well, hope) that keywords would span across faction lines. Along those lines, I am curious to see if Beckoners even remain in NB... Lynch is going to 10T and 10T has a new brothel master. They did have the Mimic characteristic, so I could see them staying, but that is one I'm curiously looking toward finding out. Given the Order Initiate card has Chimera as a Keyword and plays into Marcus' master bio on the new page, i.e., Mutation Upgrades for beasts and chimera, I'm not sure he will have access to all of the same models as before as there are clearly new models to add to the pool. Perhaps the Beast Characteristic gets toned down as a Keyword to make room for new Chimera Keyword models.
  5. Why limit yourself to 2 master combinations... (Bold is my emphasis)
  6. There are definitely single CCG cards that sell for more than a single mini... even after adding in a commission painter.
  7. While I don't think he has been connected to the Dead Man's Hand pack, it was confirmed that The Judge is dead. So it may be possible for there to be non-Master/Totem models in there. (Speculative at best)
  8. Once I add totem it locks Add Recruit. Avoid adding totem (either master or generic) and I can keep adding recruits. But once I add that Totem, it locks it. That was on Android. Haven't tried iOS.
  9. You don't need to buy new cards if you have the app. The app is an acceptable alternative to having (or repurchasing) the physical cards. It is not mandatory to play (or start playing) the game.
  10. 0ss upgrades; completely agree. But I actually found some of the Wave 5 Master upgrades quite enjoyable and diversifying and to the OP's point (the one you quoted), allowed them to bring in some changes based on the fluff.
  11. They pulled their info from the release information on the Wyrd site.
  12. @Mason, you don't need to say anything... just nod if 7he new cards are Wonders-fully sized
  13. Yes. And at those events, per said document, TOs are the "sole authority". They can be allowed at their discretion. Talk to the TO.
  14. Of which there are actually very few... Local tournaments are not Wyrd run events. Find your Henchman/TO and talk to them. Also, was your purchase direct from Wyrd or a local/online retailer? If the latter, you need to contact them regarding a return policy. If the former, the Wyrd website states they do not process returns.
  15. Welcome! You seem to be getting a grasp for things... except maybe the Internet, where knee jerk reactions are quite common. 😁 I won’t speculate as to why Wyrd opted for them to be out unless TO’d in, but since they have said the models will be balanced and given that TOs/Henchman are there to grow communities, provide enjoyable events, and generally want people to show up, I suspect many will allow them. My advice to those concerned would be to reach out to your TOs/Henchmen and discuss it with them. They’re probably quite understanding and accommodating folk... After all, they’re also probably gamers with shinies of their own.
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