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  1. Lordunborn

    Building Malifaux One Table at a Time

    Yeah really sad about photobucket. There are tons of other image hosting sites out there. Imgur, Flickr several others allow 3rd party hotlinking. Would love to see all the hard work you put in.
  2. Lordunborn

    Help understanding Avatars

    Makes sense. So the Base core rule book is really only part of the avatar rules. They are incomplete. If I was to have only purchased the base rule book I wouldn't be able to actually play the avatars as there are no manifestation cards and no avatar upgrade cards. Then call out manifestation events but no descriptions of what those events are. They work in conjunction with Shifting Loyalties Avatar rules and are campaign or friendly game with consultation only and really need the shifting loyalty manifestation events and upgrades. Aside from making my own rules and events (I am not one for making my own rules and stuff as that is why I buy rule books and card decks). Thanks for the input.
  3. I am a new player. I just started and am reading the rule books and I have a few questions on Avatars. 1. M2E has no avatar models correct? I know there are old 1.0 and 1.5 metals but no avatar models are currently in production correct? 2. Avatar upgrade cards are found in shifting loyalties as campaign upgrades and are specifically not tournament legal but can be used in non campaign games with approval of all players correct? 3. Core rule book page 56 has Avatar Upgrades but I cannot find any avatar upgrade cards except for those in shifting loyalties and nowhere can I see any Manifestation cards in any of the books or the two generalist upgrade packs i have (I have not purchased the Shifting Loyalties pack though so this may be an easy answer). 4. Which rules are correct for Avatars? Core rule book or Shifting Loyalties? I am assuming (and I may very well be wrong) that there was originally plans for Avatars in M2E and are in the core rule book. Then more detailed rules (with manifestation events) came out in Shifting Loyalties but at the same time made them "officially" campaign only upgrades to maintain balance. Thanks for the assistance I am an addict when it comes to gaming and so far have amassed 4 neverborn masters and crews and the starter set along with all the generalist upgrades and rule books and have yet to play a single game (I don't play with unpainted models and finally finished my first crew and the starter set the other day).
  4. Lordunborn

    Wyrd Chronicles Order (beyond the obvious)

    I didn't know the podcast was fluff. I thought it was discussions. Now I have to download them all lol. Thanks.
  5. Lordunborn

    Wyrd Chronicles Order (beyond the obvious)

    To understand what is going on do you have to read the 1st edition books? Is that fluff rehashed in the M2E books or does M2E actually continue the story line? So far I am enjoying the rules and new models and such but I find reading the fluff to be a very difficult exercise. Stories are so spread out and everywhere it is pretty hard to follow. Should I be OK just starting at M2E Core in the listing you gave? I am just having a difficult time as I am used to a specific sort of layout to books. Almost all the other minis games I play have books where the story / fluff is in the start of the book then there is the rules or models. Here it depends on the book. Core has Story then rules then story then models then story then models and so on but Crossroads is Faction story then encounter then story then maybe encounter then models or Shifting Loyalties where there is Rules then faction story then models then timeline continuation story at the end then RoF is Story then encounter then faction timeline continuation (vignettes, which are awesome) then models repeated and a story in the end of the book. No consistency and now you say I really should go and download all the Chronicles (well 7-26) to get the whole story. Man this is confusing. Wish there was a source that could at least do the Vignettes approach like in Ripples of Fate. That is the perfect cliff notes of what has happened since the last book. Be nice to have one of those at the bare minimum between each book. Thanks for the listing though that really helps as a start point.
  6. Lordunborn

    Welcome to The Other Side!

    Really a shame on the mid December launch. Very bad timing for a kickstarter start. Should be pre thanksgiving (although getting drowned out by KD:M 1.5 would have been a disaster) or after Christmas when people all have money to blow from Christmas. Sure you may get people to watch the kickstarter but there are a lot of people who will just hit the Follow button and the lackluster kickoff will hurt the project. I know so far the couple people I talked to will all do the same thing I am. Click Follow. Then when I am sure I have the funds secured I may actually pledge (that is of course as long as there isn't any Early Bird deals as I don't back projects with them). I may be out of the ordinary but I have backed well over 80 games on kickstarter and know that timing is very important. Best would have been black friday but again KD:M then next best is after Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa whatever when people are ready to recover from the massive amount of money they spent for those holidays. A slow simmer kickstarter launch is NOT what gets it moving. You need that rapid growth and meet a (realistic) goal fast so more people jump in. Also I know this isn't your first rodeo but not much says "We really didn't need to do a kickstarter but are using this as a pre-order system to take your money and have zero financial liability" than a stupidly low goal. Stupidly low initial goals mean one of two things. Company that is using Kickstarter as a Pre-Order system or developer with no clue of what it actually costs to produce a game. So looking forward to seeing what comes of this but sort of worried about the mid december start date. Remember start date is just as important as end date. A lackluster start is far worse than pushing the end date 2 or 3 weeks.
  7. Lordunborn

    Neverborn on parade

    For gaps in plastic or resin i use this Perfect Plastic Putty by Deluxe Materials This stuff works great and when done can be sanded or filed and takes paint like plastic (because it is). Excellent paintjobs though just a shame about the gaps
  8. Lordunborn


    When I played Warmachine I did freehand tattoos on a Skarlock Thrall (My freehand isn't that great but this came out pretty good). The best advice I have is NOT to paint them on but to do them with Micro Pens. This works great for Tribal designs or symbols. If you are looking for Asian tattoos like Yakuza sleeves or such I recommend buying decal printer paper and decal set/sol and making some from downloaded images in the net.
  9. Lordunborn

    Shade Layer Vs Wash

    I have heard this term a bunch "Consistency of Milk" but nobody ever says what kind of milk. Whole Milk, 2%, 1% Skim, Chocolate? All milks have VERY different consistencies. I try to use droppers for everything. I add Flow Improver to my GW paints and put them in droppers so I can use them pretty much out of the dropper. The labels peel right off and go on the droppers well. This way they are mostly mixed. Sometimes I need to thin them a bit more if they sit for a long time. I love my W&N Series 7 Brushes but I threw out my Miniature Series 7. That thing was s joke. The barrel was way to small for painting with. I would recommend the standard Series 7 over the Miniature Series 7. I own a 0,1 of W&N and a 2,3 from Rosemary and Company (which I actually use more often than the W&N and they are half the price). Shipping from across the pond gets pricey though. I Just started with Malifaux and am still putting together my first crew. I am not overly pleased with the way they are made either. The tip of the Dopplegangers foot is gone and will need to be remade in greenstuff as the plastic that was holding her to the sprue took the toes with it. I am using a brand new snip too. I think the assembly could be a bit easier and the detail leaves a LOT to be desired but overall not bad for the price and a (relatively) new plastics company. For the cost I will do my best with facial details and work with the poor assembly.
  10. Lordunborn

    modular boards and stopping slippage

    I have to ask where you got those tiles? I know you made the frame but the image on them came from where? They are real cool.
  11. Thank you for the fast response.
  12. OK I have to ask the questions. 1. where are those mats from? 2. Can you tell me about that terrain on the table with the 3 buildings in the third picture? Thank you
  13. Cool stuff (not sure it is really tabletop wargame stuff but still cool). Yeah with a $300 goal if they didn't fund in less than 10 minutes I would be pretty worried lol.