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  1. Hello, this is the drawing that my six-year-old son colored, who really likes the world of Malifaux
  2. Hi, I have a doubt that has arisen today during a game. Mei Feng has two mele attacks, one with range 2 and other with range 3. Imagine that, two inches from her is a model engage to her (who has range 1). Such model, can perform a walk action around Mei Feng , as long as it does not leave the range of mele of this one. What would be that mele range, two or three? To sum up: When a model has mele attacks with different ranges, what value is taken as its mele range when calculating the disengaging strike?
  3. Hi, I have a simple doubt that I think I have read but now I can not find it. What happens if all models of a Crew have been killed? Does the opponent finish all the activations that remain and the game is finished as if all the turns had happened? Thank you
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