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  1. I have not played Nellie yet with her new rules, but to me, the concept of the crew is not, what I expected. Nellie was one of my two favorite masters in M2E and I would appreciate, if the playstyle turns a little bit back more to that direction. I don't like the new "Exclusive Interview", because of it's restrictions in placing scheme markers within 4". If you want to use it more than once per turn on a model, you have to remove scheme markers, what is nonsense, because you want to have as many scheme markers as possible for the other effects of this crew. I liked the "Drop it" Trigger more on their Attack Actions, which would make "Reveal Source" much more effectiv. Then you could give something like Subterfuge: When an enemy Scheme Marker would be Dropped within a6, this model may discard a card. If it does so, a friendly Scheme Marker is Dropped instead. to them. In addition, if you want to give Nellie a little bit back of M2E, you could change the Trigger of "Reveal Source" a little bit: "Could this be… Betrayal?!": Choose an unengaged, non-Master enemy model within 6" of the target. The enemy chosen model pushes 6" toward the target and takes a Action against the target, controlled by this model. That would give Nellie the possibility to push e.g. also Phiona towards the enemy and take an attack action. In addition, I would build-in the in "Reveal Source". Then you would have the good old Nellie/Phiona engine running again. And please give Sharp Wit back to the Field Reporters. I mean they are a 6SS Minion...Look at e.g. Rotten Belles for 5SS....
  2. I really, really hope, that you are right. I have also opened a thread to that topic in M3E Open Beta with a photo comparison between a "new" model and an old one: The Scale of M3E Models Because otherwise, from an aethetic point of view, all old models would get useless and all the time I have spent painting them, would feel like wasted time. From my point of view, that would be something I would not have expected from Wyrd and remembers of the behaviour of the branch primus some years ago. I really pray for the scale not to change and would be glad, if we get an official statement to that...😉
  3. Hello everybody, I don't know, if my thread is in the right place, so sorry if not. I fear a little bit, that the new range of models for M3E will have a new "scale". Why? Just have a look at the male monster hunter models, compared to a M2E model. The new monster hunter on the left looks like a Space Marine, compared to Francis on the right. It seems, the scale changed from "32mm" to "32mm heroic". I hope, that this model is just an exception. Otherwise, I really fear about my hobby, because aesthetics are very important to me; and the scale is one of the most important, because it's a basic question, if models fit to each other. I have spent about one to two years painting about 60 models for my Guild faction. I hope that maybe Kyle or another official reads my thread and could give a comment to that (and hopefully take away my fears).
  4. May I bring up my thread again, because Kyle has given the perspektive to rework the family keyword and I would like to speak about Nino and Papa Loco, because I think they really need to be reworked. So what is your opinion on my ideas and/or what ideas do you bring in?
  5. Hello everybody, I would like to hear, what you think about these models, besides the general Family ability discussion. Just would like to take a closer look at both models: I like Papa Loco very much, the idea, the model... I think, his abilities are quite nice and fit to the lore. The only thing I don't like is his "Use This!" Ability: Either I don't understand what the sense behind it should be? Why can another model use his dynamite, when Papa Loco removes a Scheme marker? I don't get the idea behind this. And concerning gameplay, I find this a way too situational. How often will you use Papa Loco, to remove a scheme marker with an Interact Action? In 5% of all games? Therefore I would vote for changing this ability to something more useful and fitting to the lore. Maybe something like in M2E: "Use this!": Once per Activation. When another friendly non-master models declares an attack action within 3" trageting an enemy model within 8", that model may add a to it's damage flip. Or something more about scheming: "Insane Traps: If an enemy model or effect removes a friendly scheme marker this model has placed, it suffers 2/3/4 damage. This damage flip cannot be cheated." In addition, I would remove(!) the Bravado Ability on him and add Unimpeded and "Used to it": This model is immune to the Staggered Condition and cannot take the Concentrate Action. Because he wears his straitjacket, he is used to being a little bit handicaped and therefore immune to staggered and has no problem with severe terrain. On the other hand, his insanity makes it impossible to take the "concentrate" action. That would in my oppinion fit very well to his lore and on the other hand add a little bit diversification and versatility to the Family crew. Nino Ortega: I think he is a little bit a lackluster. Compared to the Guild Rifleman, which I also could take for 7 SS into a Family Crew, I would prefer the Rifleman, as far as offensive abilities are concerned: Rifleman: 14" +10" Stat 5 (6 vs. activated models), 2/3/5 damage ignore cover and friendly fire, Trigger: Armor Piercing, Ricochet and Execute Nino: 14" Stat 5, 2/3/4, ignore cover and concealment, Trigger: Crit Strike, Tactical Planning and Quick Reflexes. Of course from the shadow is nice for scheming on turn 2, but he has to get "closer" to the enemy and is therefore more in danger of being attacked by himself. And because he cannot ignore Friendly Fire, his effectiveness will drop on turn 2 or 3, because you will have much more engagements on the table. The Rifleman keeps his effectiveness, because he can always focus and shoot 24" into engagements. One option would be replacing the Gatling Rifle by the Gatling Gun: 12" Gatling Gun Stat 5, 2/4/6 damage, Burst Damage: When resolving, the target suffers + damage, Tactical Planning or leave his Rifle as it is but give him Sniper and Expert Shot. I'm missing something like Spotter in M2E on him. Actually, he is just a semi-sniper with from the shadows: Meeeh I suggest: "Spotter": Enemy models within 12" must discard a card to take the interact action. or "Spotter": When an enemy model within 12" takes the interact action, another friendly model within 12" may take an attack action targeting that model, ignoring cover and friendly fire. or "Spotter": When an enemy model in LOS places a scheme marker, another friendly model may push up to 4" towards that scheme marker. If the friendly model comes into base contact with that marker, place a friendly scheme marker into base contact and then remove the enemy scheme marker. I would prefer the first or the last suggestion, bringing some utility to the Family Crew. So what do you think? What is your opinion and experience?
  6. And in addition, I would like to see some asynchronous (story) encounters. Because not everybody is playing at tournaments all the time and I agree, after one year, the strats & schemes we actually know will get boring and repetetive. Balancing is important, no question, but fun may not fall by the wayside. And it will, at the latest after some time.
  7. Qracy

    Are we OP?

    But I think this is a general issue about teaching: If you have Dr. Sheldon Cooper as your physics teacher, you will never get into it and you will resign after 5 minutes. I think introducing someone to Malifaux needs a good balance between puppy licencse and a glance of Malifaux's complexity and deepness.
  8. I really like this idea. Would make balancing in the future much more easier. The only point I am not sure about is, if the totem should be hired, too, or if it still should come with your leader for free. Because think of the free Effigy, which henchman get, if they are the crew's leader. I think the effigy is (often) much better than the usual totem and is a kind of balancing the game, if "only" the henchman is the leader. Then you will have to rework this, because otherwise, you will not often see a henchman as the leader, if you have to buy the effigy, too. Or the henchmen are the onyl models, who get the totem (effigy) for free, masters have to pay....
  9. Ok, but then, if you stone for a crow, you trade one of your soulstones for one of the enemy's card or one soulstones. I think that still is not really a good trade and I would like to know, how many times someone really executed a model with the execute trigger..... BUT, if you leave the possibility of discarding a SS to models, which can use them, that ability would get a little bit more versatile.
  10. I think with the latest release, you cannot use more than one SS for anything. So only one SS for two additional cards, not two for 4 cards etc... Also anything else: Only one Soulstone for reduction etc.. Or am I wrong? Kyle wrote: Page 10, 23, 28, 30, 37: Soulstone use is now restricted to one at a time in all instances. On page 23 you find the paragraph to discard one soulstone for two cards.
  11. Qracy


    The Undercover reporters are great for "Plant Explosives": If an enemy minion planted a bomb on your side of the table, you can unbury him late that turn in base contact with the enemy and that bomb marker. Because he is slow and not insignificant, you can just pick up that bomb marker and send the minion back to it's deployment zone and the enemy can do nothing against it. On less point for the enemy. In addition, you can make him staggered that round, because you don't have to move that turn. After that, you can either walk to the other side of the table and plant an explosive by yourself or blow up enemy scheme marker all over the board. I think he is one of the best anti-scheme-runner you can find. I like him very much. Besides that I can't wait the models to be released, because I love that costume they are wearing....."Hey man, don't mind me, I am just a horse...."😂
  12. But how many times can you use Execute during a game? One time? Two times? Because you need a) enough models with that trigger and b) flip high crows or have high crows in your hand Yes, but as I have stated, often you will have to cheat by yourself, so you trade one of your cards for a possibly lower card out of your enemys hand. Not a good trade in my opinion. That is in fact an interessting point. If you would leave the possibility to discard a soulstone just to models, that can use soulstones, then this ability would be much more useful.
  13. Maybe, but I don't like that the Execute trigger is more a card or SS discard ability that a "real" execute ability. In my experience, you need a tight setup for the execute trigger to work: The enemy at least may not have any cards in his hand, what will be late in a turn. Then you have to attack with your model and need a (high) crow, what is extremly situational. I often needed to have a high crow in my hand to make this work. Often the enemy discards then one SS. Well, that is fine, but not overwhelming. Because I traded my high crow card for that. Or worse, the enemy had maybe on or two cards in hand, then I traded my high crow for one potentially lower card out of the enemys hand. And the situation, that my enemy has no cards, no soulstones and I flip a high crow......that's this one in a lifetime thing I mean...
  14. page 37: Damage timing; "If the model being damaged can use Soulstones, it may spend one here to Block Damage, giving a to the damage flip for every Soulstone spent." I think, because you can only spend one soulstone for blocking damage, it should just be "...giving a to the damage flip for every Soulstone spent." Because this could imply, that you can use more than one. I think due to all new restrictions in the use of soulstones, this addition is not necessary any more, isn't it?
  15. Ok, sorry for that. But i have to admit, that I like the "mistake" better than the one now. In my games, I have often tried to use the Execute trigger, but had not a real benefit. Either the enemy discards a low card from it's hand or a SS, which impact was not that big, because in my meta, most people tend to bring 8-10 SS cache with them. And therefore, the trigger is much too situational to "really" execute a model. For me, it's something like once in a lifetime. Okay, that my be too much, but it feels a little bit like that. And tough, the Execute-Trigger does not primary do, what it is supposed to. I like the idea of ignoring Hard to Kill and e.g. Demise abilities, maybe in combination with +1 damage, so it is a stronger variant of critical strike? And/or switching the damage to irreducable? Would like to hear your experience and opinions on that.
  16. And the enemy has to be run out of Soulstones, what in my experience often not happen before turn 4 or 5 (actually in my meta). Actually, I don't like the execute Trigger as it works right now, because of the availability of bringing 10SS chache, it is not that effectiv in my opinion and often not worth cheating for it. In my games, I did not have any benefit using it, although I often tried.
  17. Qracy


    Actually, I take the Brutal Emissary with Nellie. Combined with Phiona, the undercover reporter and the press, you have enough damage output in my opinion. Another nice synergy is taking the Executioner, because you often have enemy scheme markers around you can use for Trail of Blood. But I agree, I would be nice to have another option within the Journalists; but maybe, Wyrd has something in mind yet, what will be released
  18. What what would we have reached then? Trade the "Single Soulstone Use" only against better Stats? I think to speed games up, this was a good descision, because it affects all Masters and Henchman, so they are all scaled down, what I call a fair solution.
  19. Sorry, my mistake. Must have opened the wrong file.
  20. The new Execute Trigger: With the last release: Execute: When resolving, increase the damage of this Action to 2/3/4, ignoring Hard to Kill. Add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool for each enemy model killed by this Action. I think the text should be: Execute: When resolving, change the damage of this Action to 2/3/4, ignoring Hard to Kill. Add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool for each enemy model killed by this Action. Because for some models, this damage track is a reduction and not an increase. Therefore I think, that "change" is a better wordning than "increase" to prevent irritation.
  21. Hi everybody, I just saw, that the Execute Trigger changed. (Missing in the change log?) Until now, it stated: Execute: The target may either discard a card or a Soulstone. If it does neither, it is Killed, ignoring Demise Abilities. With the last release: Execute: When resolving, increase the damage of this Action to 2/3/4, ignoring Hard to Kill. Add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool for each enemy model killed by this Action. I like the new Execute Trigger, because it does a little bit more, what it's name is standing for. Btw, I think the text should be: Execute: When resolving, change the damage of this Action to 2/3/4, ignoring Hard to Kill. Add one Soulstone to this Crew's Soulstone Pool for each enemy model killed by this Action. Because some models have higher stats (like the Guild's Executioner) and then, increase would be an irritating wording. I will put that to the grammer thread...
  22. Qracy


    Maybe I am blind, but nothing changed on the stat card for the printing press? I think this is a mistake?
  23. Qracy

    Agent 46 nerf.

    Yes, I think that is the best suggestion I have read so far. I agree, that would be fine and you can leave his DF at 5.
  24. I like it, too. In my meta, most people ran with 8-10 SS into the games, so Master and Henchmen were nearly unkillable until all Stones were gone. That now changed a little bit. I think that brings a little bit more dynamics to the games, what I really welcome. We read about very long playtimes for Malifaux in M3E, which I have also experienced. One (not the only) reason is, that a lot of models stay alive for a longer time and therefore, you have more activations to play during every turn. Now, if Henchman and Masters die quicker, the playtimes will maybe drop a little bit, what I also appreciate.
  25. Qracy

    Agent 46 nerf.

    I like the change, too, because he kept something of his uniqueness. He is a glass cannon, but I agree with @trikk, that there is al little quantum missing in his defense. But Finesse (in this case the ability, not the playstyle 😋) would be an option, too, as a bonus action. Therefore you have to decide, if you use Mimic (in most cases for offensive reasons) or if you use his bonus Action for Defense. So I would leave him at DF5 but give him Finesse, what fits to his style in my opinion. That can easily be countered by Focus or he can be attacked easily with non- Abilities.
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