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  1. Qracy

    Agent 46 Proxy

    I for myself alway use Dr. Sokolov (alternate Joss) as a Proxy for Agent 46
  2. Of course the delays are annoying, but I cannot understand all the storys, that people quit playing Malifaux because of the delays. I play a game because I like the rules, the miniatures, the community, the setting and the storys. If you quit a game just because you can't buy some products right now and you have to wait, I don't know how seriously you wanted to play that game. Because a tabletop always means a lot of time invest - learning the rules, the meta, building and maybe painting the miniatures and so on. I don't change a game like my underwear. In my area, there are some new players who are really interested in Malifaux; I had some demo games with them and now, they just started with the stuff that is available or just wait until the products are at our LGS. And the established players, who played Malifaux for a longer time, are also not struggling, because they own some Crews from M2E, just bought the Faction Packs and enjoy the new edition. Don't get me wrong, I am also not happy; because of the delays, I will not be able to play Lucius / Agent 46 at the German Championship, but I just want to relativize the problem... And after all, Wyrd's concern is to sell as many products as possible and therefore, they will try to do what they can to get the products to the markets. That's for sure.
  3. Hey everybody, we are organizing an Malifaux tournament on the 6th of October for 12 people. Where: Top-Tables Sternengasse 1B 50676 Köln Germany Registration: Tournament registration via T3 The tournament will start at 9:45 in the morning. We play three rounds of Malifaux, 50 SS each. Single Faction. If you have further questions, please contact me via pm.
  4. Hi everybody, just to be sure that I understood it correctly, if I use Focus in an opposed Duel, any Trigger (Offensive, Resistance, e.g. Ricochet or Lady J's Counterattack) that causes a damage flip is an "resulting damage flip" and gains the ? What about the Guild Steward's Demise ability? If I use the Focus when being attacked by an enemy model and will be killed, does the damage flip of his Demise ability count as an resulting damage flip?
  5. ...and Lawyers have better synergies with the rest of the crew
  6. I have to admit, that I am a little bit jealous. Still have to paint about 40 models until I have my Guild complete. Not counting the new models, that will be realeased in the next months...
  7. Sorry dude, maybe your general thesis isn't wrong, but in my opinion the effort in your example is a little bit too big for just one beater to hit hard: I have seen a Thrall die very fast several times. If you build your crew around a combination where you focus on one model, which is rather easy to kill (DF 5 / WP 5, HtW, 8 HP), it is too easy to counter and you are in the middle of the game come clean. You have to invest 34 SS to only three models (Perdita 16, Jury 9 and Thrall 9), only 16 SS left in a Lucius crew. If the enemy kills the Thrall, there is nothing of your synergy left between those models, because Lucius cannot use Issure Command (only Minion, Mimic or Elite) on Perdita or the Jury and the Jury cannot obey Lucius or Perdita (Obey is non-Master).
  8. I signed up for the german championship at the start of November. There will be 38 participants...My goal is not getting the 38th place with my Guild. 😅
  9. I only did 2 games with her in M3E, but in both games, Franc did a very good Job: I liked this combination: The Steward adds Healing abilities and additional condition removel + even more focus to the crew. And in some situations, he can serve as a scheme runner if necessary. LLC on Perdita and Franc helps keeping them alive till the end of the game and not being moved by enemy effects (which is sometimes even more valuable, concering who you are facing). And the rest of the crew does what it can do best: kill enemys... SS Cache: 5 Perdita with LLC Nephilim Francisco with LLC Santiago Nino Abuela Monster Hunter Guild Steward
  10. Dashel and Sonnia are the two masters I played most in M3E, and in my experience, summoning works much better and reliable with Dashel than with Sonnia. Compare both: Sonnia can summon three different models: The Flame ( 2 SS), Stalker (5 SS) and Thralls (8 SS) Dashel can summon seven different models, from 3 to 9 SS. Concerning Sonnia, most of the time you will have the Flame in turn 1 and 2 still in the game, so you have 2 different kind of models to summon, 5 and 8 SS worth. You need an adequate enemy model with cost of at least 5 or 8 SS, you need to wound that model, stack enough burning, get into 8" with Sonnia and successfully do scorch the Soul in an opposed duel, so let's say you need a high card to have a save win in that duel. And I often needed several rounds or several models for stacking enough burning on one enemy or I had to invest two SS for the additional tome for Sonnia's trigger. But I never managed to do that in 1 round. If I play against an enemy, that knows Sonnia and who realizes what my aim is, he will just simply walk away with that model in the next turn, out of range of Sonnia's 8"... That is in my opinion a much more difficult setup than compared to the setup Dashel needs: A Soulstone, a Scheme Marker, a 5 of Masks and a High card for an 8 or 9 SS Model; or just a Soulstone, a scheme Marker and a high card for any other of the 5 models left. No opposed duel. In my oppionion and experience, Dashel's summoning is much more reliable, projectable and less risky compared to Sonnia' summoning. And again, the need for an enemy scheme marker isn't always bad: You can use Dashel summoning skills just to remove an enemy scheme marker at 8" and with the same action summon e.g. a dog or Guild Guard, to stop the enemy model that just placed the marker to do the same in the next turn. That's a very good anti-scheming ability for schemes like Search the Ruins, Detonate charges, Breakthrough, Harness the Ley Line or Dig their Graves. That is a lot more than all the other summoners can do: They can summon a model more easily for sure, if the enemy is still standing near it's scheme marker, you cannot remove that marker with the summoned model in the same turn. You have to kill the enemy and can then remove the scheme marker. In most cases, this won't be possible in the turn the new model was summoned and therefore often be to late to prevent the enemy from scoring.
  11. Guild Steward would be my No. 2 after the Pale Rider!
  12. Hi everybody, if you obey an enemy model to charge, can you also control the attack action? I think not, because it is a new action generated by the charge, but I am not sure if I oversaw a passage in the rule book, which states otherwise. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey everyone, because we will see a lot of new models in M3E, I just thought which models need a resculpt the most. In general, I like the actual model range of the Guild very much (so I would not have started playing Guild if not). From my perspective, there are just single models which would need a resculpt: First of all, the Pale Rider: Besindes of Design and taste, my Pale Rider just broke, because his Weapon is much too thin and the whole model is just standing on one horse's leg: And exactly these two locations broke. I would wish a little bit more durable version of the pale rider: Maybe with two or more feet on the ground and a bigger caliber for the gun. 😁 And as far as the design is concerned, for me the Pale Rider looks like a little bit old fashioned. Details and the pose are not on the level we know from the other models. But that is just my oppinion. What do you think?
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