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  1. Concerning Perdita, I have very good experiences with this list: New Perdita Ortega Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 5 Leader: Perdita Ortega Lead-Lined Coat Totem(s): Enslaved Nephilim Hires: Francisco Ortega Lead-Lined Coat Abuela Ortega Nino Ortega Santiago Ortega Guild Steward Brutal Effigy Effigy of Fate In a Perdita Crew, I would rather tend to take Effigy+Upgrade instead of Pale Rider. The Ortegas all are very mobile and have a lot of out of Activation possibilities. Also they all have good range attacks, so I don't know if you really need the Rider in this crew. With the restrictions of no Pathfinder, I would set up the Basse Crew like this: New Cornelius Basse Crew (Guild) Size: 50 - Pool: 4 Leader: Cornelius Basse Totem(s): Bernadette Basse Hires: Jonathan Reichart Pale Rider Lead-Lined Coat Paul Crockett Austringer Frontiersman Frontiersman 2 But I think without a Pathfinder, you leave the best option in a Frontier Crew at home.... I would take a second Frontierman, because otherwise you lack modells who can do the scheming work.
  2. I won a game against Colette with her on my last tournament. ☺️
  3. Hello everybody, we have a 14 player tournament on the 28th of December Top-Tables Sternengasse 1B 50676 Köln We play Malifaux, 4 rounds: 2x 50 SS and 2x Henchman Hardcore. Single Faction, Singles format. Strat & Schemes: GG Season Zero. For more Information see Tournament on T3 or write me a message.
  4. I have another one, seems small but the impact would be great: Guild Hound should be versatile (in addition to Guard) That would solve the general problem, that Guild has no cheap scheme runners. And at the second glance, you have several nice synergies: In a Frontier Crew, you have a specific synergies with Paul Crocket (Beast) and in general with their Hold Down Trigger In a Nellie Crew, you have a great synergy with their Annoying abilitiy: You engage an enemy model and use your "Annoying" Tactical Action. Then, the reporters use their "Headline: Secrets exposed" Trigger to take an interact action with the enemy model. Thanks to Annoying, the enemy gets Dsitracted +1. And if Nellie has activated her "Slow News Day" Tactical Action, the enemy also gains Stunned.... The Family Keyword (because they need it most) would get a cheap scheme runner and nice synergy with the Hound's Hold down Trigger again. All other keywords would like it too....
  5. Melee Attack for Field Reporters, e.g. Frantic Flailing MV 5 for Sonnia build-in Tome for Interrogate on Investigators DF 6 for Samael Hopkins WP 6 for Jury Into the Cage same effect as pine Box (distracted +1)
  6. Yes of course! I had this effect in my second game vs Dreamer. But in my experience, this will not be enough to win against Sandeep.
  7. In the beginning, I also tended to play the steward very defensivly, ending up that he didn't do much but healing ad focusing his pals. But I started to play him more and more as a scheme runner: Because of his demise ability, a lot of enemy models do not want to attack him. The biggest thread is indirect damage, e.g. the Underbrush Markers pushed under his feet or shockwaves. But if you do not encounter anything like that, you can use him as a scheme runner in mid- and late-game.
  8. The Summons are not the only Problem: Tons of focus and the arc-node ability are even worse. And the models he can bring to the table initally are very strong too, Serene Countenance, Butterfly Jump, Healing abilities...everything in one single crew! In addition, Exorcists are nice as a thread, but unreliable, because you need a High Crow in your hand to safly kill a summoned model. It gets more interessting in a Lucius Crew, when Agent 46 mimics the Exorcists Crossbow and can stone for the crow. But on the one hand, I had no legal Agent 46 Proxy, on the other hand, I had declared Hoffman and bringing Agent 46 and an Exorcist out of keyword with no synergy with the rest of the crew would not have solved my problems in that game.
  9. Schemes & Strats: Round 1: Reckoning, Standard, Harness the Ley Line, Dig their graves, Hold up their forces, Assassinate, Vendetta Round 2: Turf War, Wedge, Detonate Charges, Breakthrough, Search the ruins, Outflank, Assasinate Round 3: Plant Explosives, Corner, Breakthrough, Dig their graves, Take prisoner, Power Ritual, Vendetta Round 4: Corrupted Idols, Flank, Search the ruins, Hold up their forces, Power ritual, Deliver a Message, Claim Jump Round 5: Plant Explosives, Wedge, Detonate Charges, Dig their Graves, Outflank, Deliver a Message, Vendetta Round 6: Turf War, Harness the Ley Line, Search the ruins, Take prisoner, Assassinate, Claim Jump Also I don't like the Dual-Master Kombis because some seem overpowered to me, I had very nice games with kind people. No offenses or other annoying stuff. Sadly there were one or two people, who took everything very seriously and I recognized one or two other tables that it was not that relaxed like in my games. But all in all, the atmosphere was VERY positive. So my personal games looked like this: First one vs. Ophelia and Wong, I played Lady J. Had never played before agaist Ophelia in M3E, so in the first two turns, I was very cautios. In the End, I won 5:2 Second game vs. Dreamer/Titania, I played again Lady J with Lone Marshal, DMR, Jury and 2 Excorcists + Steward. That was psychological enough, my enemy didn't even try to summon something. My bad was Titania, I bulked up too much and she just placed herself right in the middle of my crew. Was a very intense game, endet in a loss 4:6 Third game vs. Sandeep 🤮, I played Hoffman. Also my opponent was very kind, I don't like to play against Sandeep, it feels alway the same and is no fun. I haven't found a receipe against him with Guild. And I made two false decissions, leading to my Peacekeeper die in round 2. After that I was a little bit frustrated and my motivation hit the rock bottom. Ended in a loss 2:7 my worst game Fourth Round vs. McMourning, I played - guess what - Lady J. Again a very kind opponent, I managed to table him, Lady J killed Archie, Sebastian, Rafkin and a Flesh Construct all on her own and helped to kill an Kentauroi. The Judge killed McMo. But he took out my two Death Marshals early in the game, so I lacked activations for scoring. The Game ended in a Draw 4:4 but was fun to play After the first day, my results were not that great, I had the 23th place. So let's see what happened the second day. Round 5 I played against....Guild. My opponent was someone out of our local community, so I knew him well. Sadly, he suffered from bad headaches that morning, so he had a kind of a handicap. He played Lady J + Perdita, I played Nellie. I managed to prevent Lady J from killing my crew and killed Perdita by myself, thanks to Phiona... I won the game 6:3 Round 6 I encountered Outcast with van Schill - have never played against him before in M3E. I played Dashel and it worked great! He and his crew did a very good job, I won the game 5:2. In the end, after a very mixed first day, I ended better than I have ever dreamed of and got the 10th place.
  10. So first some general information: The German Nationals took place in a small town called Haßloch, that's a littble bit south-west of Mannheim. It was organized by "Ad Arma", a local table-top club. We played 6 games, 4 on Saturday und 2 on Sunday and were 30 players including one ringer. Single Faction, 50SS, 2:15 per game, no other restrictions. A 10Thunders player won the tournament. (with a Jouko/Misaki Kombination) If you look at the tournament-points per faction, the result look like this: Numbers of players of that faction in (). 1. The Neverborn (4) 11.25 2. The Gremlins (3) 11.00 3. The Ten Thunders (4) 10.00 4. The Arcanists (4) 9.50 5. The Guild (4) 7.50 6. The Resurrectionists (7) 6.00 7. The Outcasts (3) 6.00
  11. Yes, I was. Actually I have to answer with my cell-phone. When I am back home, I can give some more impressions...
  12. I also had a very successful game with Dashel vs von Schill at Turf War. Dashel on his own completly denied Harness the Ley Line, because he removed 2 Enemy Scheme Markers with his summoning and the summoned warden and Sergeant engaged the enemy models so that they could not interact again. What I often said in discussions about Dashel: the need for an enemy Scheme Marker is a big PLUS in the right scheme pool. The ability to remove a Scheme Marker AND Summon with the same action is fantastic! If you are in need you can do that with a Scheme Marker up to 18” (or 20” if a Sergeant is nearby) away.
  13. ...just contact me if you like to have a demo game.
  14. Their ability to control enemy interact is also defensivly useful, because when you have planted an explosive, no enemy can pick it up again as long as the marker ist completly within 2" of Nellie / Field reporter etc . Also you can deny Corrupted Idols the same way. Either push the Idol onto the enemy's table half, or just leave it where it is (if you have already pushed it). Sadly you have to take the damage due to GG Season Zero. But in general, I also think that Nellie and her Crew need a little bit tweaking, so that everything synergieses a little bit better. And an FAQ for the unclear points.
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