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  1. It's time for the third act of A Stitch In Time at Gateway Games and Hobbies in Sequim, WA, and that means it's time for you to come Through The Breach! We're halfway through the Stitch In Time world event, and if you want to join in the fun, the Gateway is where you need to go. As with Acts 1 & 2, we'll have multiple groups running through the event, with the first of which meeting this Friday, April 28th at 3:00 p.m. If you're interested in joining that group or one of the others -- which have yet to be scheduled for this act -- come down to the store (235 E Washington Ave in Sequim, WA) or call the store at (360) 683-8534 for more information or to sign up!
  2. On April 30th , there's going to be one last shower in Washington: a shower of Malifaux games at Gateway Games & Hobby for a tournament. All are welcome, and we're looking forward to a fun day of gaming! Due to space limitations, we're limiting the tournament to 8 players for now, so if you want to lock in a spot, head over to the store and register soon! WHERE: Gateway Games and Hobby 235 East Washington Street Sequim, WA 98382 360.683.8534 WHAT TO BRING: 1) Bring your models and cards. Models include 1 to 2 Masters with up to 80 stones worth of models for a “hiring pool” *If you are just starting out and do not own that many models (roughly 2 - 3 crew boxes) yet, we maintain a good selection of crews and individual models expansions! If you have never played and would like to try it out, please come in and there may be loner models available on a 1st come 1st served basis. 2) If you bring two masters you will have to play both of them during the league 3) If you are just starting out and only have one crew box, some additional models may be available. Please check prior to the day of the event for availability COST: $10 Registration, Registration is at 1:00pm PRIZES: 1ST Place: Your choice of Malifaux Crew Box or book! There will also be participation prizes and more!!
  3. DefyingReality

    Anna Lovelace and Squeal-like triggers

    "Sorry" out of luck.
  4. DefyingReality

    Stitch In Time opens the Gateway

    With the release of the second act of A Stitch In Time means the continuation of the groups being played at Gateway Games and Hobbies in Sequim, and new play sessions to be had! As with Act 1, we'll have multiple groups running through the event, with the first of which meeting this Friday, March 17th at 3:30 p.m. If you're interested in joining that group or one of the others -- which have yet to be scheduled for this act -- come down to the store (235 E Washington Ave in Sequim, WA) or call the store at (360) 683-8534 for more information or to sign up!
  5. DefyingReality

    May Wyrd Thursdays at Gateway Games

    Are you a Malifaux player? Do you like to go Through The Breach, or perhaps take a sojourn on The Other Side? Then on Thursdays in Sequim, WA, Gateway Games & Hobbies (235 E Washington) is the place to be. From 4 pm until closing, there will be demo games, full games, Henchman Hardcore games, Through The Breach sessions -- if you think of it, we can probably get it going. There's a lot of fun to be had when we get together on Wyrd Thursdays in May, and you should join in.
  6. DefyingReality

    A Gateway to Stitches

    Are you a new Through the Breach player, or want to play with a new character you don't have to spend a lot of time developing and tracking? Do you just want to help your preferred faction? Then the upcoming Stitch In Time event is for you! I will be running groups of the event's pre-generated players through the Stitch In Time World Event at Gateway Games and Hobby in Sequim, Washington (235 E Washington St.) on Thursdays, starting on February 22nd (with a following Act 1 event on March 1st). Players will be taken through the Breach in groups of five, with overflow signups available for additional interested players. Please come down to the store or call (360) 683-8534 to sign up!
  7. DefyingReality

    A Gateway to Stitches

    As a reminder, we'll be hosting a second playthrough of A Stitch In Time for players still interested who have not yet participated this week! Due to time commitments of those signed up so far, we'll be moving the session from Thursday to this Saturday, March 4th. Call Gateway Games and Hobbies in Sequim, WA or visit the store (235 E Washington St.) to sign up or to get more information!
  8. DefyingReality

    November LGS Promotion

    It's barely February yet (or not even, depending on your time zone). Give them time, we usually find out in the first week of the month.
  9. DefyingReality

    Zipp - rather good fun

    I've been throwing Airship on a scheme running Iron Skeeter -- it may sound odd, but it lets him drop a piano from around the corner of something to clear the way, then fly into position for the scheme he wants to run.
  10. DefyingReality

    How's your HH looking?

    I ran Francois (DC/HitM), Burt (DC), Rami, and a Bayou in a local HH tournament last weekend and cleaned house. Everyone was caught off-guard by the alpha strike potential of Frank and Rami, and the ability of Burt to keep steady damage going while those two were licking their self-inflicted wounds (not to mention his defensive trigger, which killed Bishop in the final) was massive. Also key was Frank's huge Stone pool, which kept him going at crucial times.
  11. DefyingReality

    Zipp - rather good fun

    I've had an odd amount of success using them to tie up key pieces in my opponent's crew. Charge them up into their faces and force them to either kill the piggies and have it blow up in their face (and not use AP on the rest of my crew!) or waste AP on trying to walk out of engagement, which for some reason has gone really well in terms of forcing lots of wasted AP.
  12. DefyingReality

    a stumped rafkin

    I've been playing with the idea of pairing him with a Guild Autopsy or two. They shoot the target full of poison, then Raf runs in and finishes the job with flair.
  13. DefyingReality

    music of malifaux

    This works for either Sonnia or Kaeris:
  14. DefyingReality

    How's your HH looking?

    Dirty Cheater is pretty much automatic on Frank for me.
  15. DefyingReality

    Gremlin Problems - Gremlins are bad or I'm Bad

    Malifaux can be a pretty brutal game for most new players, and it takes a LOT of repetition and trying things over and over again and in different ways to start seeing the patterns and combinations needed to succeed. I've found success with my (admittedly limited) pool of Gremlins with most schemes in one form or another, but there's not specific advice I can give. Gremlins lean very, very, very heavily on reading the board and reacting accordingly, more so than most factions in my experience. As to why you're having issues killing Peacekeepers... well, that's just a rough matchup. They will tend to slaughter Gremlins, but they'll slaughter many things. If you're facing more than one at a time in a single game, though, then your opponent is cheating, as to the best of my knowledge they're a Rare 1 model. Regardless of that, however, the best thing you can probably do is keep throwing cheap, expendable models at it to slow it down while you go about your business elsewhere. Piglets, Stuffed Piglets, Bayou Gremlins, that like. Yes, they'll die fast, but they'll keep the Peacekeeper from closing down on you as ably and keep their massive killing power at bay. Being able to essentially take an 11-stone model out of the game like that is a massive blow to your opponent, and since it's only defense 4 you can still whittle it down steadily even with Armor +2 and HtK.
  16. DefyingReality

    Errata & Gaining Grounds

    If you're having issues with wargamevault's shopping cart, you'll have to ask them. That's on their end. @yool1981
  17. DefyingReality

    If you could only purchase one addon...

    For Abyssinia, Electrocutioners. Though the Mechanized Infantry have me reaaaaaaaaal tempted.
  18. DefyingReality

    Custom Resin Bases for TOS?

    By the looks of the model bases and what Wyrd has said about how much thinner the Fireteam bases are getting, I'd imagine that they'd be pretty easy to magnetize to keep models secure but still make them easy to manage for removal/reinforcing.
  19. DefyingReality

    Not happy with the latest update (#20)

    It IS a happy thing in that it's to better support a product that, while you may not care for it, looks like it can help sustain and improve the long-term financial health of Wyrd and allow them to do more of the smaller side projects that you DO care for, including some of the ones that they pulled funding for.
  20. DefyingReality

    godswearhats' Beginner's Guide to Ressers

    Not to mention becoming much more durable thanks to being able to use stones.
  21. DefyingReality

    January 2017 Errata

    "Hey sweet, double positive damage flip on your master, who's down to four wounds! This is gonna be gre... oh **** it's the black joker."
  22. DefyingReality

    January 2017 Errata

    Critters still allows Tara to hire Guild Autopsies as an Outcast master, which is a helpful and thematic thing for her (unless I missed them picking up Void somewhere in the errata).
  23. DefyingReality

    After errata Tara

    Not at all, that damage prevention that replaced Darlings is very useful.
  24. DefyingReality

    The Other Side App

    War Room is GREAT for list building and card browsing, but when it comes to actually using it to play it's a miserable experience. I refuse to use it for that, actually, unless I absolutely have to -- which is why I'm REALLY not happy that PP is going to stop giving you cards when you buy their stuff. So yes, take the good from things like War Room, and leave the bad. It's doable -- we have examples of what works and what doesn't. Learn from and fix the mistakes, and we can get great apps for TOS and Malifaux.
  25. DefyingReality

    Outcasts Crew Box Reviews

    Sounds like someone has an excuse to pick up Yan Lo.