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  1. I am very much looking forward to the new edition. The biggest thing for me is the condition cull, I am so glad to see generic conditions replace the never ending torrent of model specific conditions that m2e quickly became. This turned me away from the game as I simply could not remember all of them and it made for a very gotcha centric, awful experience for me. I wasn't having fun, so I ended up taking a break from Malifaux shortly after book 5 dropped and that break quickly became the decision to stop playing the game until a new edition dropped. I ended up playing Infinity where abilities, conditions and weapons are universal across the game rather than model specific, and if Malifaux ends up remotely similar I will be very happy, as I find this makes for a much smoother, pleasant gaming experience. I wish more masters would have been culled, it's not too late Wyrd! (i'm not kidding, start with Lady J, she attacks helpless old men!)
  2. The biggest winner in the Gremlin part of the errata is Bushwhackers for me. At 6ss I considered them underwhelming as their "reckless" is conditional. But, at 5ss I think a Bushwhacker is a good deal. DF6, WP6, SH6, WD6 - these are still the stats of a 6ss model. 2/4/5 with their Rifles on a focused attack, ignoring cover. It will be nice to be able to use the other 50% of Mah's crew box without feeling like I'm shooting myself in the foot.
  3. I think I was lucky this time, not willing to risk a second.
  4. The ritual worked! Yes! Thanks for the extra info Nathan, the scenery looks great!
  5. Attempting to summon @Nathan Caroland - Oh Wyrdest one, please bless us with more information!
  6. As far as I know there are only foil cards for masters, emissaries and some of the alt models like Amelia Bathory, Rowan Nilson. They are included in the prize packs henchmen can get for tournaments. Last year everyone who made an order during black Friday received a random foil card with their order. Apart from that, I don't know any other way they have been distributed.
  7. I regularly take both in the same list, they are both fantastic utility models. The belle's discard trigger on the lure is rad and her ability to slow is incredibly underrated.
  8. Alt Kirai, lost love and Ikiryo. Male Kirai, female lost love and a male Ikiryo equivilents. They are in wedding attire, the bride has some sort of grisly injury like lost love. Alt Ikiryo is reaper-like. I feel like the whole Ikiryo/vengeful partner deal wouldn't be an uncommon occurrence in Malifaux.
  9. I tried him out with two rogue necros with Molly for turn 1 fresh meat shenanigans, after which he slowly wandered up the board to beat face with the shovel. Sure, it worked ok, but he wasn't terribly useful after doing the fresh meat trick. I lured/pushed him with a belle and a doxy to move him up the board, but WK 4 is painful on any model. Do I think he was worth 9ss in this scenario? Yes and no. Mortimer is default worth the price paid for fresh meat because nothing else can do it, but he didn't do anything particularly significant after turn 1 that a 9ss model would be expected to do. If Mortimer could also push when using fresh meat I would be pretty excited, I would use him as a front line brawler, he's got a load of wounds, regen and ML 7, he'd be great for picking off minions and his chatty aura would get more use.
  10. Before I switched to horror Molly I found Onryo + Goryo to be very useful. Summoning an Onryo is like summoning a bomb that gives out adversary and possibly slow, with the obligatory black blood. They're on of the easiest ways to give out adversary in a Molly crew. Goryo are decent because the 50mm base allows them to gain a lot of wounds on the initial summon. If you summon them out of engagement they can charge a target that has adversary, on the turn they are summoned. Goryo are good because they fill they are the only thing you can summon on an 11, so they are nice to have if you can't quite summon a Shikome.
  11. I just bought both Hamelin boxes a few weeks ago! Hey Wyrd, want to swap both cat boxes for a beautifully painted Hamelin crew? Let me know
  12. Chiaki is super good value, you can use her to clear slow off Kirai's summoned models. Ashigaru however, aren't really a consideration for Kirai overall, but will work in a pinch if you don't have anything else. Yan Lo has some synergy with spirits, fury of yomi to make nearby spirits take actions.
  13. Fascinating list, keen to try this one out some day.
  14. Take one with McMourning, you pretty much want to use it with the Chihuahua, pick something you need to die and have the Chihuahua poison it then have the shikome roll up and kill it. If you REALLY want something dead have the Chihuahua and shikome team up with Rafkin too. It's all about the scent of death, chargin for a (1). It's like having a 12" charge.
  15. You just have to know your models well when you summon a model you NEED to know the number and whether or not you need to burn a soulstone to summon and you NEED to know Molly's summoning rules off by heart. These rules are her bread and butter, you want to avoid looking at the cards for her core rules. You need to know her CA values off the top of your head. Pro tip - the number required to summon a model is: SS cost of the model + 4. e.g. Punk Zombie is 7ss + 4 = 11. Here's your script: I'm attempting to summon a punk zombie, I need an 11 of crows, I burn a soulstone for a crow. *Place punk zombie* These models take a TN 15 WP duel or take 1 damage if they fail. The goal is to convey what you're doing quickly and concisely, Molly has a long activation between summoning, her (0) action and a chain activation, so it's important to memorize as many values as you can to speed along the process. I know it sounds silly but put your models out on a table and practice her summoning mechanics and flipping cards, it's pretty much muscle memory. You want to be able achieve a flow where one actions leads in to the next without thought.
  16. I really like this idea, it seems so much more streamlined and effective - I've always hated needing an extra suit just to back alley 16". A free focus on the suit would also be great because it would make charging after back alley much more effective. I would love for Seamus to have a little more variety, focus, back alley then shoot gets boring fast and is super predictable, the other player always saves their best card to negate it which is simply not fun, I can count on 1 hand the number of times Seamus has actually 1 hit something with his flintlock in my 20 or so games with him. On a side note I would like the flintlock to ignore armour, hard to wound and hard to kill. It's .50 cal! This is wishful thinking though.
  17. Generally most people play a game with a size of 50 soulstones. After that has been decided the strategy and scheme pool is decided and each player declares which faction they will be playing, then both players build a team specifically to achieve the strategy and schemes. So basically, there isn't a typical list as it depends on the strategy and schemes.
  18. Every model is useful in the game, so even if you were to pick a different master to begin with while you wait for Reva none of the models you pick up would go to waste. The only real exception would be Kirai, her starter set generally isn't that useful to the other masters.
  19. Gaki should be alright with Reva, they have a Dismember trigger to generate corpses, if I remember correctly Reva's shieldbearers have the same trigger though so it could be somewhat redundant.
  20. Datsue Ba is one of those models that requires a lot of resources and set up to be effective, if you're just learning Kirai I would recommend trying a Goryo in her place - easy access to Seishin and he is one less thing you need to think too hard about when trying to remember the other 5000 things Kirai's crew does and is trying to do.
  21. Kirai has a huge learning curve because there are so many things you have to think about and remember when you play her, she's probably the most mechanically complex of the Resser masters. I've played about 15 games with her at this point and I still get rolled every time I use her (to be fair, I'm a terrible player...) . She's definitely a top tier master but she's not one you can just pick up and start winning with. I also think that her bark is bigger than her bite, the internet has given her huge infamy.
  22. You can get around this by using Sybelle to comply him to teleport out of activation.
  23. The likelihood of having 5 Seishin in play at once is unlikely. 4 Onryo is great, I frequently have 2 in play at once and would probably have 3 in play if I owned another, they are super useful.
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