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  1. Hello! Can you explain me a new upgrade? When I use (0) Heat Wave, I can use both part of it in one time? Or in one turn I apply Heatstroke, and next turn I will reduce Burning to increase a value of Heatstroke?
  2. With Kaeris, I guess? I don't see, how can I use they with Marcus. Maybe with Colette...
  3. But how can I avoid Chompy engage? In fact, Chompy may come in range 20" (7 Wk x2 of The Dreamer and 6 Cg of Chompy) + his 3" engagement range... And Marcus love, when his beasts near him. It's mean that Chompy can engage several models. And it's sad. In last game I had 3 models near Chompy and Insidious Madness with one Teddy could easy make any schemes...
  4. Hello! I have a question about tactics, that can I use in play against The Dreamer. I have Marcus, Kaeris and Colette. Which one can I take against The Dreamer? He have next roster: Dreamer, Teddy x2, Daydreams x3, Widow Weaver and Insidious Madness. Upgrades are different between different games. I have a big problems with two Teddies. But when he summon Chompi - I have a terrible troubles... Teddies hold my models. Or just kill them... I'm newer and played not so much games. And maybe I don't understand some subtlety in game. Can you help me?
  5. Hello! I have a question about two moment of rules... Scheme "Eliminate the Leadership" and concept of word "Death". 1. If model dead - is it have 0 Wounds? Or "it is just dead and enough"? 2. Second point in "Eliminate the Leadership": "The first time the enemy Leader is reduced below half of their starting Wounds, score 1 VP". If Leader will dead in the end of game through buried - "he is have 0 Wounds" (and below half of his starting Wounds) or "he is just dead and that's all"?
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