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  1. Admittedly my Malifaux world is real real small and you're probably right that my perspective is off. I'll try to beat the drum a little less hard....although I still think the atmosphere on social media and pod-cast world is rather anti-Gremlin. Still, thanks for the post. I'm not a game designer, so the extend to which we disagree is just based around my own selfish attitudes towards my faction. I appreciate all the hard work you guys/gals are putting into the game, even if it doesn't come off like that.
  2. I don't disagree at all. For better or worse the faction has been the target of some really aggressive errata changes. Since I started playing I've noticed a persistent and very loud background noise of people raging against the faction on almost every single podcast, here on the forums, and on other social media sites as well. As @Omenbringer mentioned I don't think the current errata is going to fix some of the problems (both real and perceived) within the faction. I just don't think our voice, as people who enjoy the faction, is being heard at all. I'm not sure that it'll do any good, but I think if we try playing some of these bad models, get their stories out there in the form of battle reports or tactica reviews then maybe we can start being louder than all the gremlin detractors out there. As part of all that I think we could maybe make specific recommendations for changes to some of these models to bring them up to snuff. Again, I'm really jaded that this will work, but if we don't start speaking up, then whenever it comes time to make major sweeping changes (faction rewrite? M3E?), we won't have a vote.
  3. The ease with which he could be killed (low Df) and the relatively short range of most of his abilities were brought up on the forums during play-testing this summer. For whatever reason, Wyrd didn't act on those particular comments. Not sure why, maybe they saw something that we didn't or were looking at future releases? I think it's worth proxying him and see if we can find space for him. Maybe if enough people speak up early on he can be an errata candidate!
  4. I suspect his point is more about the lack of other models in their capability bracket (rather than SS) in the faction. The "sad" part is that there isn't really another choice to fill those roles. But until 2018 really gets under way, this is all conjecture.
  5. I'll also add to edop's points. Each faction brings their own upgrades to their mercenary hires. This combined with the capacity to support/buff in different ways means that mercenary models will behave different than in their parent faction. Sure Dirty Cheater (common for Burt) is great but it's not Recalled Training or Debt to the Guild. Not saying it's better it worse, just that putting those types of upgrades on a model like Burt certainly makes him behave differently out of faction. Same holds true for McT.
  6. Just speculating that they're hanging up the faction for the same reason I'm considering it as well. Point increases on models that (IMO) really feel like the result of a VERY loud and VERY influential clamor of "OP" directed at the Gremlin faction as a whole. It really feels like Wyrd doesn't know what to do with Gremlins. Even the character design and visual aesthetic seem to be getting increasingly disjointed--which is aggravating to me because I got into this for the visual/art aspect. It seems the general consensus is that we should all have been expecting Burt and Francois to get nerfed. Fine. But in the last few months there must have been dozens of pages of discussion of ways to achieve that in a more appropriate fashion. You've got TOS coming out and that's taking up a lot of focus...got it...but I think there was a better way to have done the errata. Admittedly this is just my not so humble and somewhat aggravated opinion. Three erratas in a row of this same sort of nerf/cuddle just makes me want to hang up the Gremlins until the M3E dust settles. I decided to solo Brewmaster for 6 months straight so maybe 10T is a new direction to go? And maybe in those 6 months I'll decide I was overly closed-minded in my measure of this errata.
  7. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but Burt and McTavish are NOT worth that SS increase. Both models were more problematic outside of the Gremlin faction than they were in faction. Not sure about Francois. Third errata in a row with the most significant nerfs? Pretty discouraging, regardless of how "necessary" those changes were. On a positive note, Wild Boar and Moon Shinobi attention is certainly welcome. Really excited for the Survivors....but still going to have to think long and hard about whether its time to ditch Gremlins for a different faction. Maybe I can fulfill my 180 days of Brewmaster in TT instead. All in all, glad to see some of the cost reductions!
  8. For a straight proxie, Doppleganger for staying within Wyrd product line maybe? Its sort of going through a transformation. The Wild West Exodus product line has some possibilities: http://www.wildwestexodus.com/warrior-nation/35827-walks-looking For conversion...I know you mentioned you didn't want another nurse, but what about Nurse Heartsbane from the starter? She stays in McMourning's theme. For the shape shifting ability you could work with the Hoarcat models. I recently did a conversion using them to make Abominations for the Crazy Cat Lady and they were easy to work with. Replace her left arm with a Hoarcat arm/paw and maybe add a tail? Other conversion ideas: There is a female Guild Guard that you could do the same sort of conversion with. Lilitu is sort of animalistic as well. Cut off here horns and you've got a satyr for Myranda. You could get real weird and paint Mei Fang's metalic claws as animal hands....that assumes you can find somebody selling Mei Fang so you don't have to spend $40.00 for a conversion. Shikome are another potential source of human sized animal parts, bird legs for myranda?
  9. Yeah I'm not a huge fan of win-more effects either, just proposing one potential idea for such a trigger.
  10. Received a Miss Deed model as part of a recent LGS Promotion. Would like Gremlin or 10T "foil cards" (other than Wong or the Shadow Emissary) or a different un-assembled alternate model. Located in continental US. https://imgur.com/zSCBqJJ https://imgur.com/UwKiVGm
  11. Definitely agree on the timing chart and terrain/vantage point rule modification/clarifications! I really really want to make multi-level 3D boards work well and intuitively. The differential triggers sound like an interesting idea too. Maybe something like beating your opponent by 10+ gives you a to your next attack and damage flip?
  12. Can you confirm or deny that it's a Malifaux product and not something for The Other Side?
  13. Sweet! Thanks for the info! Wish I had a reason to buy the TTB books besides fluff curiosity. Nobody runs games here.
  14. "This is Wanyudo, don't get excited..." So 2 questions: 1) What is (a?) Wanyudo? 2) You can't show that to me and expect me not to get a little excited....
  15. Maybe Encounter Boxes for The Other Side? Although "Undying" sounds distinctly.....well....undead which sounds like Resurrectionist. Theres a small quiet, unremarkable post on the AWP Facebook page asking the same question.
  16. @DogmantraYou mentioned that Old Major can be a liability. Can you elaborate on when you wouldn't bring Old Major? Clearly you'd bring another 50mm pig(s) of some sort, I'm just genuinely curious on your thoughts on when you'd leave Old Major behind.
  17. I've got same issue, thanks for posting that note.
  18. I didn't play Malifaux first edition so my frame of reference is a little more limited than some of you old timers. Lately I've been mulling over the direction I'd like the faction to go. Having said that I can't second guess the game designers because A ) I'm not one and B ) I don't know what conversations go on behind closed doors at Wyrd. I don't really have an opinion on the name change to Bayou. There might be some decent design space there? My main concern with forcing synergies is that some of the wacky variability possible will be limited and although you might SAY you're palying Gremlins...if you're limited in hiring pool based on keywords tied to a master you're really playing the masters as their own faction. Having said that I think the overall theme for the faction has taken a detrimental turn. The Gremlin masters MOSTLY seem to be patriarchs (i.e. Ulix, Som'er), matriarchs (i.d. Mah Tucket, Ophelia) or gang leaders (i.e. Zipp, Brewmaster). I really like the idea of these Gremlin familiies living in the bayou and having their own character, demeanor and rivalries and I think an increased focus on that aspect might help the faction a lot...but this is just my opinion. I really would like to see some more minions focused on some of these masters. I posted something about this in another thread but here goes again: Ulix - how about those new trained pigs that were mentioned in Ripples of Fate!? Or maybe some apprentice pig trainers? Mah Tucket - she's like a female greenskin version of Robert Rogers, how about some more Ml/short range Sh focused Gremlin Rangers to go with her? Or a Tucket Raider that's an enforcer? Ophelia - Kin minions....so many options! Delinquent Lacroix, Lacroix Duelers, Lacroix Trick Shooters...something like the family minions available to Perdita. Brewmaster - how about some sort of drunken samurai, ninja archers that have poisoned arrows, etc.
  19. Good to know, thanks for posting. Just wanted to see if I was the only one.
  20. I got an email confirmation that my October LGS promotion documents were received quite a while ago, but I haven't gotten the mystery box yet. Is this promotion still being processed for most people?
  21. Fair point, I don't own Som'er yet so didn't consider that. Then maybe a fix would be adding the keyword via the Conflux upgrades? It feels like the Emissary has this massive personality identity crisis that (IMO) is a reflection of what's happening with the faction. Strictly from a design standpoint I think the "aesthetic synergy" of the Wave 5 gremlins wasn't strong and besides most things looking like gremlins there isn't a whole lot of cohesiveness to the design, again, this is just my opinion. My perception is that within most (all?) factions there is some degree if sub-faction nature that lends itself towards thematic designs for masters and their crews. In Gremlins you still see this but all that thematic/aesthetic cohesiveness is unravelling. The Gremlin Masters are family patriarchs/matriarchs or gang leaders. Som'er's in a good spot thematically I think. Ophelia really needs some Lacroix minions to round her family feel, Mah Tucket could use with some "Tucket Rangers" or some other bandits from her group, Ulix could get some apprentice pig trainers from his village with their overfed piglets (between a piglet and a wild boar), Sky Pirate "volunteers" (conscripts) for Zipp...you get the idea. And now that I've completely gone off the rails from the discussion of errata.... I tend to agree with the opinion I've seen on here that the band of models that work well and are actually worth using is narrower with Gremlins than other factions. I've got no problem with debuffs/nerfs as needed but there are models within the faction that I really want to work and they just don't. I'm a grad students so, even as a casual player, I can't afford to experiment with units that have great looking models and then flop in a game. And if I'm being perfectly honest, after the last two erratas I'm not buying any more Gremlin models until I see how January works out. If the imbalance doesn't start trending in the right direction I'm most likely going to ditch the faction and try Ten Thunders.
  22. Anybody know if the vintage Master sculpts are the usual multipart plastic or are they pre-assembled.
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