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  1. Dominion

    Are Will O' The Wisps too strong?

    eeeehhh 4 Attacks (+slow) near a Poltergeist are very nice, sometimes
  2. a reactivating Fingers (maybe after a little Taxi+Fast From an Iron SKeeter)? i can already hear the screams of "NERF THIS"
  3. Dominion

    Our worst models

    well fingers Can dish out some pretty big damage if used in combo with a Performer (up to 15 damage, if all attacks connects + all triggers + all fail the wp duel) and is fairly easy to do that kind of damage with a Brewmaster givin on duels at the right target that's sayin. he do better just scheming and anti-scheming, but is nice to do some big spike of damage when the opponent doesn't expect it (and a Performer is a very good pick in a Brewmaster crew)
  4. Dominion

    Mah + manifest destiny + do over

    You get 5 cards: Get off my Land (O) action Three times defensive stance. But you are using the whole master's activation, so getting those three extra cards is quite meh :/
  5. Dominion

    Errata 2018 - your minds

    so, you would have preferred to wait another year without any kind of change, instead of this quick errata that happens to make some models playable again because "I read too many words ... too blah blah blah"? the full errata will come (maybe on a Third edition...) for now i'm happy with the changes
  6. Dominion

    Ply for info and Gremlins

    Zipp + Fingers + Emissary with showboating GG easy
  7. Dominion

    Need Advice: Mad Brewee Grow Up madness

    Yes they are. Brewie goes very well with kill schemes/strat. Just swill and see the enemy fall for whatever model you throw at him. Lucky effigy and desperate mercenaries like big Time working with The Brewmaster
  8. Dominion

    WIzard Gremlin Gunline

    Wong can't target himself with glowy
  9. Or use The Sow as ammo. For only 8SS you get 3 turns of shooting without The Need of cards or corpse markers or whatever.
  10. Dominion

    Ophelia vs Flesh Constructs

    On yer tip toes on Fingers Nuff said
  11. Dominion

    January 2018 Errata

    still no one is telling if it is Aaron or the app wrong about the new cost of the Mechanized Porkchop....
  12. Dominion

    Apparent Neverborn Errata

    Sorry, was meant for the general forum
  13. Dominion

    Malifaux App Launched!

    - you cannot choose standard's strategies on the GG2017 format - Outcast Misaki can't take Torakage and Oiran - Hamelin With Sewer king can't take Lost - The Little Lass can't take Mah Tucket's Upgrades
  14. Dominion

    Single Out of Faction Hiring Upgrade Dream

    Fingers Fingers everywhere!
  15. Dominion

    If you were writting te next erratta....

    No, but that's the normal play of brewy. With that upgrade i want stuff Dead and that ability fails to do so. Would be great if Barkeep never sleeps shut down the "on the house" preventing models to heal off the Brewmaster